Review: Boutique Hotel Principe di Salina, On An Island North Of Sicily


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Salina is one of the Aeolian Islands North of Sicily, Southern Italy. It is the second largest island in the archipelago and unlike it’s sister islands, Salina boasts a lush, green landscape of woodlands, wildflowers and grape vines all fed by the many natural freshwater springs.

Salina is shaped by two extinct volcanoes, which form the Aeolians’ two highest peaks. There are a few hotels in the main port of Santa Marina Salina but the island is remote and remains unspoilt and hidden away from the rest of the world.


The easiest way to get to Salina is to fly into Catania’s Fontanarossa airport, Palermo airport or Naples airport. From Catania’s Fortanarossa airport, you can get a transfer or a bus to Milazzo’s hydrofoil dock where you can catch the hydrofoil to the island. There is also a seasonal ferry and hydrofoil service from Palermo and Naples ports which are a short drive from their respective airports.

Where To Stay On Salina

The family owned boutique Hotel Principe di Salina is a wonderful luxury boutique hotel situated in Mafia on the island of Salina, offering breathtaking views of Stromboli, Panarea and across the ocean. The hotel is unpretentious and stylish, with two large terraces and a beautiful infinity pool where you can swim or enjoy a drink and a meal.


Just 12 individual rooms offer crisp white walls and sheets and form the perfect backdrop to the azure blue skies and sea beyond. Rooms are beautifully appointed and come with a private terrace overlooking the picturesque seascape. The higher your room, the better your view. You can while away many hours staring out to sea, across the other Aeolian islands and far into the distance.

Food & Drink

The food is delicious and excellent value for money. The “Ristorante della casa,” offers lunch and poolside juices and snacks, as well as elegant family-style Italian dinners. Feast on fresh, local island ingredients turned into sumptuous Sicilian dishes created by their wonderfully inventive chef.

The bar offers poolside drinks throughout the day and is the perfect place to relax in the evening and enjoy an aperitif on the terraces while taking in the colourful sunset.

Pool & Style

The infinity pool is the perfect place to absorb the sea views or take a dip into the geothermal spa tub, nestled in the lush vegetation.

The spa tub is fed by a geothermal aquifer 143 mt deep. The temperature reaches a soothing 40° C and it is ideal for relaxation plus has genuine medicinal benefits. The water found in natural hot springs contains a variety of different minerals, including calcium and sodium bicarbonate. When you bathe in a hot spring, your skin soaks in these minerals and your hydrostatic pressure rises. As this process continues, circulation and oxygen flow increases — much like when you exercise. An oxygenated circulatory system is beneficial in keeping not only your heart, but your body’s other vital organs and tissues, healthy and strong.

Excess stress can also be remedied naturally by immersing your body in a hot-spring water bath. The minerals in the water can contribute to the psychological healing process, while heat relaxes tense muscles. If you suffer from chronic muscle pain, arthritis or even fibromyalgia, soaking in a pool of hot-spring water can effectively improve pain. An Israeli study found in the journal “Rheumatology International,” shows evidence that hot mineral baths may aid in pain relief and fibromyalgia fatigue. Additionally, when your body is submerged in hot-spring water, the buoyancy encourages freer movement by naturally supporting your joints.

This is the kind of place where you can fall sleep with your doors wide open to sound of the ocean. Give it a try and see what you have been missing.

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