Smell Like Summer With Limited Edition Bonpoint


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Ever since it was first launched, the citrusy fragrance has been delighting admirers of fresh, discreet and refined perfume notes. We love this lovely lemony fragrance, it reminds us of sipping a limoncello liqueur in Capri square.

The Bonpoint Eau de Toilette is a concentration of the noblest essences of bitter orange derived from orange blossom water and Neroli essence. This subtle formula has from its very beginning been formulated in the French region of Grasse, the birthplace of French perfumery.

To celebrate this special birthday, the emblematic bottle is dressed up in its finest attire and will be available in a large 3OOml limited edition bottle.

An engraved white ceramic plaque and matching lid, both of exquisite purity, are the perfect additions to this latest object of desire.

Take an enchanting journey through a constellation of gold cherries. Limited Edition Bonpoint is dedicated to offering an irreproachable composition that will seduce both mothers and children, and the House of Bonpoint has sought to use natural ingredients free of parabens, phenoxyethanol and diethyl phthalate, so you can wear it and smell like summer, without worrying about any nasty chemicals.

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