The Top 5 Sunset Spots In The World


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With the stresses and strains of modern life, sunsets are a daily spectacle that often goes unnoticed. As the sky darkens, the evening is alive with color, transitioning from delicate pink to blazing orange. No matter where you are in the world, it’s always worth taking a moment to appreciate sunsets, enjoying their unique contrast, color, and form.

There are some places, however, whose sunsets rank above all others. From waterside retreats to towering temple complexes, here are TravelLocal’s top 5 sunset spots around the world.

Don Khon – Laos

Laidback and dreamy, the palm-lined shores of Don Khon in Southern Laos are perfect sunset spots. A small river island in the Mekong is connected to Don Det, its far more developed twin island, by a single railway bridge. The Mekong waters surrounding the island are home to Irrawaddy dolphins, and local boats can be easily chartered from the village of Ben Hang Khon. In the evenings, the sky above Don Khon is alive with color. Vivid and spectacular, the sunsets here are a real highlight of your rural experience. Grab a hammock on the shoreline for the best views and watch the evening unfold.

Serengeti National Park – Tanzania

Tanzania’s largest and most popular national park, the Serengeti, is an iconic wildlife hotspot. Split into three regions: The Serengeti Plains, the Western Corridor, and the Northern Serengeti, the park is an ideal location for spotting “The Big 5”. When it comes to sunsets, the Western Corridor is the place to be. An evening game drive offers incredible views over the sprawling plains, capped with a blazing sunset. If you want to make the region your base, there are several lodges on offer. Their terraces make ideal settings for an evening sundowner, with fantastic views over the plains as an added bonus.

San Martin de los Andes – Argentina

Nestled on the banks of Lake Lacar, San Martin de los Andes is a quintessential Patagonian town. Not only is it a birdwatcher’s paradise and a gateway to Lanin National Park, it’s also an incredible place to watch the sunset. With forests fringing its edges, trekking and adventure sports options are diverse. For those seeking a more mellow escape, a boat ride across the lake is a must-do, and the town itself is home to a thriving artisan craft community. In the evenings, as the light fades, the formidable form of the Lanin Volcano is framed by the setting sun. San Martin de los Andes is a slice of Latin American paradise which is not to be missed.

Chefchaouen – Morocco

Known as The Blue City, Chefchaouen is a mountain village with plenty of charm. The azure buildings which line its winding streets have become iconic, leading many to call Chefchaouen Morocco’s prettiest city. As well as its fantastic food scene and fusion architecture, it’s also an unforgettable sunset spot. The bright white Spanish Mosque is perched on a hillside to the east of the town. The walk to the top takes about fifteen minutes, and the panoramic views are well worth the effort. As the evening draws in, the towering mountains and the city below is bathed in the soft colors of the sunset – an unforgettable end to your day in Chefchaouen!

Tikal National Park – Guatemala

One of the largest Mayan complexes in the world, Tikal is an iconic highlight of Guatemala. Its towering temples, nestled among thick jungle canopies, are living relics of an ancient civilization. Broadly unchanged since the fourth century, sunset brings the angles and intricacies of the temples to life. Best placed for the dying light, Temple I is the one to head to – climb to a vantage point and watch as the falling sun bathes it in gold. As the light turns rosy, scale the park’s highest point and enjoy views over the complex and the canopy behind. With the sounds of the jungle around you, you’ll feel a million miles away from the modern world!

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