Review: LATAM 787 Business Class Short Haul In Europe


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If you want to fly in Business Class seats on short-haul flights, pick your route carefully, and you will get to experience the full Business Class experience between airports within Europe.

One of these proper Business Class European flights is from Madrid to Frankfurt on a LATAM 787 in full on Business Class. we have already reviewed LATAM 787 dreamliner and the LATAM A350.

The Madrid to Frankfurt flight is just 2 hours 40 minutes and costs only 15,000 Avios (+17.50 tax) one way.

LATAM LAN Boeing 787 Dreamliner Business Class Review

The LATAM business class design comes from consulting firm Priestmangoode, which also crafted TAM’s excellent but now defunct Boeing 777 first class cabin. The new Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-9 business class cabins share some of this innovative design with a palette of natural tones inspired by South America’s colors and textures.

Inside the main cabin, Boeing has massively enhanced the passenger experience. LATAMs LAN currently uses the trademark 787 Dreamliner doorway arches that lift the ceiling height and give a sense of space. The mood lighting is set like a trendy bar, and by the end of the flight, you will have no idea what color the walls are!

The business class cabin LATAM Boeing 787 is split in two by the entry doorway, with three rows of seats in front of the door and two behind the door. Notably, there is no galley splitting the cabin, which makes the cabin feel spacious.

The 2-2-2 layout offers a fully flat bed that is 74 inch in length (23 inch width), and LATAM is testing out mattress pads that go on top of the seat, which really aids sleep. The width is comfortable and allows for a restful experience on long and overnight flights. In front of your seat is a seat wall and ottoman above which you will find a touchscreen TV, coat hook, and storage units. The advantage of these seats is the fact your feet don’t end up in a foot-coffin. The length is fine for those under 6 feet, but if you are taller, you will have to sleep on the diagonal or with your knees slightly bent. The 2-2-2 layout, unfortunately, means that if you choose a window seat, you have to step over your neighbor to get in and out of your seat. This is not so bad for the person in the window seat but can be a pain for the side-aisle seats.

Every business class passenger gets a personal touchscreen and a remote in the armrest to control it. In fact, the touchscreen is so far in front of you that using the handheld controller is a lot easier than touching the screen. There is a wide selection of movies, plus box sets of TV shows including Game of Thrones as well as various travel shows. The headphones on offer are good quality and noise-canceling, although the cabin is already fairly quiet due to the advanced nature of the Dreamliner.

This business class seat is not ideal for long-haul due to the 2 x 2 x 2 seating arrangement. If you are traveling alone, you will be very close to your neighbor, and there is no separation between the seats.

However, this LAN flight is a great way to travel short-haul within Europe. In fact most short-haul airlines in Europe offer disgraceful business class seats and food so this flight makes a refreshing change. For comparison, Finnair also offers its A350 on flights from London to Helsinki, so you can experience full Business Class on this short-haul European flight too. You can also read our other LATAM Business Class reviews.

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