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I am always excited about products and services which really elevate regular travel to luxury travel and I’ve found another one. If you’ve ever travelled without checked luggage, you’ll know how blissfully easy and quick it is and in comparison to the total inconvenience of transporting everything with you, it really is a different way to travel. Well now this is possible not just on very short breaks where everything is in your hand luggage, but on long-haul trips and to remote locations too, all thanks to Luggage Free.

Luggage Free offer a specialty service that allows you to ship your luggage ahead to any destination worldwide. Totally avoiding the hassle of carrying, checking, claiming luggage and even going through customs. The service is especially useful if you are taking cumbersome items such as bikes, baby items, skis, golf clubs or other sporting equipment, but to be honest I’d be happy to just use it for my suitcases and take an extravagantly large wardrobe for my travels! You can even ship to a cruise ship where you’ll find your luggage waiting for you in your cabin.

The service is slick and easy; they simply arrange collection of your bag from the location of your choice and at the time of your choice, tag it and ship it to your destination where on time delivery is guaranteed. At the end of your trip they do exactly the same just in reserve. Your only involvement is to pack and unpack, and to book Luggage Free in the first place of course! This door-to-door service is available anywhere in the United States and in over 150 countries worldwide. For peace of mind your belongings are automatically insured for up to $1,000 USD and unlimited additional coverage is also available. The service also includes tracking so you are notified when your luggage is delivered and can relax and look forward to your break. As a service business their customer service is as exceptional as you would expect; they are available 24/7 and are helpful and courteous. You pay for the exact weight of your luggage which is not normally the case with other luggage couriers where you are generally charged for a weight range, the Luggage Free way means that you only pay for exactly what you use.

Certain restricted commodities are not allowed but generally these are items that you would either be unlikely to take or would have in your hand luggage anyway such as: alcoholic beverages, medicinal or toilet articles including aerosols, consumer electronic devices containing lithium or lithium ion cells or batteries, perishables, plants, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, explosives, fireworks and ammunition.

Luggage Free provides a truly premium service (which the Wall Street Journal, among others agrees with) that enables you to avoid all the unnecessary stress, time and aggravation at the airport dealing with luggage and get on with the very vital business of enjoying your time away.

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