British Airways Terraces Lounge Review, Berlin Tegel Airport


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In my recent trip to Berlin, I stopped by the British Airways Terraces Lounge at Berlin Tegel airport. Berlin Tegel is quite a messy airport to say the least, with almost every gate having their own mini immigration and security area instead of a centralised one. As such, the British Airways Terraces Lounge is actually located before security in Terminal A, on the 1st floor opposite the Starbucks. The Air France lounge is located one floor above the British Airways lounge.

To get to the lounge, you can walk up a flight of stairs or take the elevator up to the first floor. As with other British Airways business lounges, entry to the lounge is permitted to passengers flying Business or First class, BA Executive Club Slver and Gold members, and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members.

At the entrance of the lounge, there is a small enclosed room area on the left. This area has some sofas and overlooks the inside of the busy terminal. The main area of the lounge is to the right of the entrance. There are plenty of seats all around the lounge, mostly next to the windows which overlook the airport apron. The lounge is quite bright as it is in a corner with windows wrapping all the way around the lounge. It was quite quiet and calm when I was there, contrasting the chaotic Tegel airport.

There is a workstation area on the right side of the lounge entrance with long tables and desk lamps to do work. The lounge also provides plenty of reading materials. There are a variety of British and international newspapers, as well as a good selection of magazines such as The Economist and Time Magazine placed on 2 stands.

A long swirly S shaped bar table sits in the middle of the lounge. There are high chairs at the end of the table along with a few bottle of red wines. The white wines, Prosecco and fruit juices are in the middle of the table. At the other end of the table are various types of sandwiches. There are no hot meal options unfortunately.

Next to the long table is another table with some packets of crisps, cakes and hard liquor options. At the bottom of the table is the fridge with various carbonated drinks and beer options. There is also a tray with fruits next to the table. At the back of the lounge is an enclosed small room which is available for use on special request. Outside of this room are some seats with small round dining tables. The coffee machine and tea options are also located here.

Overall, the British Airways Terraces Lounge at Berlin Tegel airport is a decent option to escape the Tegel mess. With its multiple alcoholic options, it is definitely a good place to enjoy a drink or two, read the newspapers and watch the planes come and go. Just do not expect much food beyond sandwiches!

This review was written by Luxury Travel Diary contributor Lenard Lim.

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