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Norwegian Reward Frequent Flyer Programme Review


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Norwegian Reward is Norwegian Airways’ frequent flyer program. With a low-cost European flights on their B737 & cheap transatlantic flights on their B787 Dreamliner, it is worth taking advantage of Norwegian Rewards.

How Does Norwegian Reward Work?
There are two parts to the Norwegian Reward program. One is that you earn cashpoints, which is their currency and can be used for full and partial payments on every ticket (you aren’t restricted to seats). So if you fly 24 legs, 12 return flights, you get a free trip where we pay everything, including taxes and even the connecting flight if necessary.

Then you earn Rewards. You earn a reward if you book six flights in a year (including connecting flights), which can be the lowest-priced flights. The rewards take different forms, and you choose one of them. Options include a 2% CashPoint boost on all LowFare tickets (this can be selected five times for up to a 10% CashPoint boost), free fast track on all flights, free seat reservations on all flights, or free baggage on all flights. The reward you choose will be valid for 12 months from the date you earn it and can be used for as many flights as you’d like.

Your first reward is chosen for you — a 2% CashPoint boost, which you’ll get after your first six flights. After your next six flights, you can select another option. It’s worth noting that you can only select the free baggage option after you’ve reached 18 flights. You can get up to eight rewards in total, so after 48 flights, you’ll have received the maximum number of rewards.

How To Get Elite Status With Norwegian Rewards
There isn’t a high-status level on Norwegian Airlines, but you can earn the elite-like benefits outlined above. For me, the two most valuable options are the free seat reservation, which is extremely useful to bag the best seats (which are those with extra leg room and at the front for quick boarding and disembarkation. The fast-track option is also helpful.

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