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Time spent exploring the world’s second largest continent will always be time well spent. It is said that there is nothing quite like the soul of Africa and a trip to one of its 54 diverse countries is the only way to properly start to understand this fascinating continent, its people and its many cultures. Its natural beauty is staggering; behold tropical rain forests, vast sand dunes, mountains and stunning beaches. And then there’s the amazing range of animals who make that these lands their home and while a safari tour can perhaps seem a little clichéd, I can assure you that it’s the best way to see these fantastic beasts in their natural habitat.

Big Foot Tours, Botswana run the campsites in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Khutse Game Reserve. With 26 years of experience in the Botswana Safari industry, they are the perfect people to take you on this journey. Sympathetic to the different needs of their guests, they are happy to offer you a personalised experience. A range of accommodation is available; from basic tents that you put up yourself, to tented camps and even 5 star luxury lodges – whatever your personal comfort factor dictates! As for methods of transport, it is possible to safari on foot, vehicle, traditional dugout canoe (Mokoro), powerboat, horse or even on the back of an African elephant! So again, this is up to you but a lot of the packages include a variety of transport methods, ensuring that you see the best of this amazing land.

The sprawling, wildness of Botswana is the perfect country to give you a taste of the real Africa; with a mix of arid desert and the floodwaters of the Okavango River, this extreme biodiversity makes home for an abundance of wildlife and animals. The Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, black rhino and buffalo can all be found in Botswana’s parks; along with antelopes, giraffe, zebras, wildebeest, hippo and many more.

A typical mobile safari lasts for 8 nights and involves a mixture of hotel stay and camping. With all food and drink plus transfers, activities and the tour guide included – just don’t forget that gratuities for guides are additional. You’ll need to arrange flights yourself into Gaborone, which take slightly over 13 hours from London, usually with a stopover; you are however only 1 hour ahead so jetlag is totally avoided! A typical safari starts with tour of the city of Garborone, visiting the parliament, three chiefs’ monuments, the museum and Bahurutshe Cultural village for traditional cuisine and dance. You will then spend some time in Khutse Game Reserve; think game drives by day and camp fires with traditional stories by night; you’ll start to feel the heartbeat of Africa in your veins around now! Next it’s on to Central Kalahari Game Reserve, on route you pass the captivating Bushmen settlements of Gugamma. The fascinating Deception Valley at the centre of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is your next stop. So named due to its many years confusing its visitors; once an ancient river, the area is now dry but a mirage effect makes its blue clay pan appear wet even though it’s bone dry! The valley is lush and green and home to thousands of animals. A great tip is to check the log books at the campsite to see what animals people have sighted recently; gives you an idea of what exactly to look out for!

For a real adventure, you will find no better than a Safari tour with Big Foot Tours. A mix of total peace and huge excitement makes this the perfect trip for thrill seeking animal lovers who want to find the true soul of Africa.

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