Why Use A Luggage Transfer Service?


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I can’t think of an airline that doesn’t offer a cheaper hand baggage only ticket price. Yet I never book these tickets simply because I like to dress nicely when I am away, which involves me taking a third of my wardrobe with me.

I have recently concluded that I am the fool. I have already done my back in, stuffing my oversized bag into the back of my Mercedes. Once I park at the airport I then have to drag it out, lug it on and off the car park bus, and then finally over to the check-in desk. It is difficult to lug anything in a stylish manner, and by the time I reach the check-in desk I am usually doubly stressed and slightly sweaty. It seems ironic that I pay for British AIrways club class to avoid stress and yet I already have a headache before I have even checked in!

The answer is of course using the services of the various luggage delivery available today. I got my luggage transferred to my room on my last trip to Lech and I swear by luggage delivery for transporting my skis and ski kit, but I really ought to use a delivery service on all my travels.

First Luggage is just one of these luggage delivery services, perhaps the most high end on the market. They have built their business by word of mouth amongst the world’s elite, counting A list stars such as Joan Collins as customers. Now they are expanding their presence online to appeal to a wider audience.

Perhaps this is the future of luxury travel? Handing your luggage over to a courier at your home and then meeting your cases again when you arrive at your destination. First Luggage arranges for your luggage to be collected from anywhere in the world and delivered to your chosen destination without hassle or stress. First Luggage’s transportation service will ensure that your baggage is delivered to your travel destination before you arrive and will be kept you up-to-date as your luggage as it is tracked every inch of the way.

Currently, it costs £34 GBP each way to send a 20kg bag. On a typical low season day upgrading a British Airways flight to include a checked bag will cost you £42 GBP. But when you factor in the stress of lugging your bag and the time wasted at the baggage carousel, you may find the cost is justified. It is also worth noting that checked baggage has limits in weight. On BA it is 23kg. If you go over this weight the savings of luggage delivery really add up.

So next time you are battling with your cases or idling your life away, waiting for your cases to appear on the baggage carousel, it might be time to look at those hand baggage only tickets and getting your luggage delivered to your hotel. I swear by it for ski equipment and could be easily convinced to book delivery on most of my trips.

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