Is Travelling By Private Jet The New First Class?


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Chartering a private plane can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to convenience and practicality, and can save passengers a huge amount of time and stress to boot.

Despite periodic dips in the economy globally speaking, activity in the private aviation market has been increasing relatively consistently, especially in the US and EU (as more mature markets), or at least this is what the business aviation, market intelligence and consulting service WINGX recently reported. Some of the more lucky individuals that may usually travel first class, might also find that they’re being primed for more exclusive, luxurious travel with their seats being upgraded to a place on a private plane. A price sensitive issue to most, the benefits of travelling by private jet are endless – which is why those that can, do.

For a start, you get to fly from the airport that’s most convenient for you, which in itself can save you time and fuel costs. And once you arrive, parking is secure and usually free for private passengers, while all the queueing and crowds you’d usually associate with airports just won’t affect you. With a dedicated area for departures (known as a Fixed Base of Operation), private passengers can relax in the knowledge that while security measures are in place, they won’t have to deal with all the chaos of trying to get through the X-Ray machine at a peak time in a busy international hub.

Instead, identification is checked, usually by the captain, before the passengers are escorted to the aircraft. What’s more, baggage is loaded there and then, so there is no danger of anything going missing, and if you happen to be late, you don’t have to worry about missing the flight, as the aircraft will only leave when you’re ready. Once you’re airborne, the same level of freedom continues. Pre-ordered food and refreshments are served when you’re ready for them, and you can work, rest or move around the aircraft as much as you want, as the only passengers on board will be you and the rest of your party. When you’re coming into land, the crew will contact the ground transportation services ahead of time, so there’s no waiting around on the tarmac. Private charters can also give you the flexibility to change your plans at the last minute – it really is all in your hands.

Air Charter Service Routes & Personal Service
AS the CEO of leading international aircraft charter provider Air Charter Service (ACS) mentions “personal service is what the airline industry is all about and that if you go the extra mile for the customer, they will always come back and as a result the business will grow” – you can’t really argue with that, now can you.
Often when you’re travelling, the experience can become a stressful one (especially if it’s business related) and you could be left feeling harried as a result. The knowledge that you can put all of the planning and details in the hands of capable account managers, much like the ones at ACS diminishes the strain and leaves you to focus on more pressing matters, be it business related – or just to get the most out of your travel experience really, after all you’re not meant to be stressed when you go on holiday are you?

Air Charter Service is a long established and highly experienced company, which has grown from humble beginnings in the mid-eighties to become the market leader in worldwide private jet charter services. They offer a huge variety of routes for both business travellers and holidaymakers, including (among so many others) popular routes such as New York to Florida, Los Angeles to Boston and New York to Los Angeles. No matter the size of your party, the distance you’re travelling or your budget, Air Charter Service will work with you to find exactly the right charter for your needs. Working with a vast network of air carriers, they are able to offer great deals and the best prices for your journey.

Seasoned Professionals
Air Charter Service was developed more than three decades ago from the core principle of providing a simpler way for clients to buy charter services, so when you book a private jet rental through the company, you can be confident that you’re dealing with seasoned professionals. With exacting standards of both safety and quality, the team is available twenty four hours a day and prides itself on going the extra mile to give you the very best experience. Once you have submitted your request, they will approach their vast network of air carriers in order to bring you the most competitive quotes and the most appropriate aircraft for your particular needs. While Air Charter Service offers the most competitive rates on the market, there is no compromise on luxury, with all the related amenities as per your charter jet specifications.roomy leather seats, wet bar, bespoke gourmet meals and complimentary in-flight movies all provided.

Travelling by private jet offers comfort, flexibility and a stress-free travel experience, and with Air Charter Service, you can be sure of great prices, a highly experienced team and a first class service that exceeds your expectations. If you’re after a travel experience that’s much more than a first class, a private jet charter might be just the thing.

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