Why Instagram Is Crucial When Marketing Luxury Hotels


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Did you know that 48% of travellers surveyed by MissTravel.com said they Instagram influences where they book their next vacation? Instagram is becoming an essential part of travel planning and thus must now be an essential part of a hotel’s marketing strategy, luxury or not. Of all the social media channels, it is Instagram that comes out as the top influencer for travellers, largely because imagery is so important when making travel decisions.

When I asked some of our own readers about how they choose their next holiday destination, they said that they arrange their holidays around the bargains that they win in our luxury travel auction. Beyond our own site, they get inspiration from Condé Nast Traveller, the Times and Telegraph newspaper, and again, they specified Instagram as a top influencer towards their next trip.

I suppose it is not surprising. Instagram has over 400 million active users sharing lifestyle photos. Search for travel and you’ll see over 66 million posts plus another 10 million associated with #traveling.

As the debate heats up surrounding the pseudo-reality of Instagram, dating website MissTravel.com polled single travellers to determine how Instagram affects travel plans. Findings reveal personal travel experiences of others posted on Instagram are a major influence for planning future trips. Results show that 48 percent of members utilize the photo-sharing app to help determine vacation destination, and 35 percent use the platform to discover new places.

Millennials, or those between the ages of 18 to 34, are 76 percent more likely to make use of Instagram for determining where to fly off to next. In contrast, less than four percent of Generation X, or those aged 35 to 50, look to the social media platform for travel inspiration.

What Travel Blog Has The Largest Instagram Following?
Here at Luxury Travel Diary I believe we have the largest luxury travel blog Instagram following. Our followers are attracted by the extraordinary hotels that we  personally travel to and are inspired by our travels.

Instagram provides a portal for your imagination, a way to travel without travelling and a source of inspiration for your next adventure. Instagram can no longer be ignored.


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