Xenon Estate Luxury Villas in Spetses


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The greek island of Spetses is a charming and yet relatively undiscovered Greek island, despite only being a two-hour boat ride from the busy port of Piraeus. The island is popular with high-society Athenians, who retreat to their villas here in the summer to escape the stifling heat of the city. This means that the pretty neoclassical houses that make up the town are fringed by smart cafés and stylish boutiques like Ralph Lauren. The island is laid back and peaceful. A place where locals seem to sit outside all day sipping espressos and playing backgammon in the shade, while holidaymakers buzz past searching for another perfect beach.

The Xenon Estate Luxury Villas resort is built on a hill approximately 1 km or a 10-minute walk away from the tiny whitewashed port of Dapia. The result of its location is a vista of gobsmacking views, sunrise to sunset, extending across the town to the sea and the islands beyond.

Xenon Estate Luxury Villas
The resort is comprised of 3 luxurious residencies that can host up to 17 guests overall. The beautifully decorated interiors are the perfect mixture of modern and rustic, but very Greek at the same time. Modern bathrooms are complemented by lovely Korres toiletries and the buildings are attractive and traditional. This group of villas shares the island’s largest swimming pool (17m x 9m) and is set in a beautiful garden full of magnificent flowers and trees.

Villa Lethe
Named after the daughter of Erida, Lithi was the goddess of forgetfulness. When the ancients died and went to Hades, they would have to drink the water of Lithi to forget their existence on Earth. If someone was allowed to return to Earth, they would have to drink the water a second time, to erase the memory of their passing through Hades.

This is the smallest villa at 65 m². This maisonette shares the pool with the other 3 villas in the luxurious Xenon Estate resort. Ideally suited to couples (with or without a child) and honeymooners on a romantic getaway, this cozy and stylish maisonette enjoys privacy with panoramic views. Perhaps the highlight of this villa is the charming little roof terrace with the best view of the island.

Villa Althea
The name of this villa comes from the word “althos” which means “cure”. Althea was the mother of Meleagros. She managed to save her son by hiding his fire of fait in a mystery box. But in the future, Meleagros killed his mother’s brothers and sisters in order to save his only love, Atalanty. It was then that his mother took the fire out and her son immediately passed away.

Althea luxurious 3-floor villa can fit 6 people in 3 bedrooms and is ideal for families, friends, and couples that seek to relax in privacy and luxury on the beautiful island of Spetses.

Villa Astraea
This name comes from the word “astir”, which means star. Astraea was the daughter of the ancient Greek goddess of justice, Themida, and as such, when she beheld the injustice and cruelty in the world around her, chose to leave the Earth and enter the constellation of Virgo, therefore forever preserving her own purity.

Astraea is the largest of the 3 luxury villas that the Xenon Estate resort. This 175 m² luxurious 3-floor villa is ideal for a group of friends, a group of couples, a group of families, or a big family.

These 3 beautifully designed villas are private and yet close to the nearest restaurants shops and beaches. Spend each day on a different and stunning beach. Swim in the warm sea, then while away the afternoon relaxing on your veranda reading a book or taking a nap. Spend each evening eating good food and drinking fine wine alfresco on the grounds or at a local taverna. Enjoy the tranquility and simply chill as the sun sets over the gorgeous Spetses.

You can reach Spetes from Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) by taking a taxi straight to Kosta, the closest point on the Peloponnesus mainland, and from there you can catch a ferry or water taxi (it only takes 10-15 minutes) to the island of Spetses. Alternatively travel to Piraeus harbor and take the hydrofoil or catamaran to Spetses (journey time is two to three hours).

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