Review: E300 Eurostar First Class


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When I was in my early twenties, Eurostar was a key route for me to travel between London to see my family in Brussels. I am delighted to see photos of the remodeled and redesigned e300 Eurostar train, including their first-class luxury carriages.

A massive £1 billion GBP has been invested in Eurostar’s new fleet, consisting of 17 new e320 trains and remodeling the existing fleet (known as the e300). The first brand-new e320 train came into service in 2015. The remodeled e300 runs between London and Brussels and is the name for the completely remodeled trains from Eurostar’s current fleet. These trains Boast a new livery on the outside and an interior that is crafted to improve comfort, style, and enjoyment.

Some of the new features include power sockets in all coaches, a USB charger in first-class coaches, and passenger information screens. Wi-Fi compatibility and infotainment will go live later in the year. I was pleased to see the first-class layout remains the same, with a single seat on one side and twin seats on the other side of the aisle. I also prefer the premium cabin’s coloring (greys and deep reds). The standard class is designed with a slightly more lurid bluey-grey theme. See what you think of the pictures below.

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