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Creepy: World’s Deepest Pool Is Being Built In Europe


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I love swimming, but I have an odd phobia of deep pools. You know, the Olympic style pools with a deep end and a super high diving board. When there is no-one in the pool and it is crystal clear I look down to the bottom and shudder. I just can’t bring myself to jump in.

I was therefore horrified when I found out about the world’s deepest pool named “Deepspot’, that is being built in Poland in central Europe. While I will not be adding this to my bucket list, I can see the merits of this creation. You can learn to scuba dive in this pool and you can stay in hotel rooms with underwater views into the pool.

Why you would want to book a room with this view is beyond me, novelty value I suppose, but the capacity and depth of the pool cannot be argued with.

At its deepest point, the Deepspot pool is 148 feet deep and will holds 27 times the amount of water of an average pool. Divers can explore overhangs and underwater caves, while non-divers can watch from an underwater tunnel.

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