Danger: The Weather Forecast That Could Cause Your Plane To Crash


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If you don’t want your plane to crash on your next flight, you might want to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Certain weather conditions are particularly dangerous to planes and may cause them to crash.

The most dangerous condition is a rare type of thunderstorm. Thunderstorms cause many hazards and can reach heights of 35,000 feet, which is cruising level for a plane. Planes can fly through them, but they try to avoid them due to turbulence and other more dangerous hazards.

The most dangerous type of thunderstorm is a microburst. It causes a sudden downward current of air that creates powerful winds. If the plane is struck by one of these, it might cause the aircraft to crash.

Planes crashed in 1975 and 1985 as a result of microbursts in the sky.

Weather forecasting systems are much more accurate now, and pilots try and avoid storms like these. Modern aircraft are also built to withstand storms as well as lightning. That said, if you are a nervous flyer and the forecast is lightning, you may want to delay your flight.

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