5 Amazing Wilderness Resorts With Beaches


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These wilderness lodges are pristine, unspoilt and untamed. They also have a beach, which is surely essential for your ultimate vacation? If you are looking for the best, most exclusive, luxury wilderness resort in the world, with that all-important beach, look no further!

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Best Wilderness Lodges In The World: Southern Ocean Lodge
Best Wilderness Lodges In The World: Southern Ocean Lodge

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I can't imagine anywhere more remote than Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia. Covered in old-growth vegetation, webbed with farmland but little else in the way of human development, and enclosed by wave-pounded limestone cliffs and headlands. At its far western tip, granite formations – The Remarkables – have been sculpted into strange shapes, like something out of a Dali painting. Kangaroo Island is a pristine wilderness which lies off the mainland of South Australia, southwest of Adelaide. Over a third of the island is protected in nature reserves.

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