Runderwear: Underwear For The Active Traveller


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If you have ever searched for really good running and gym underwear, supporting, breathable and comfortable, you will know that there is little out there which fits the brief (sorry I couldn’t resist!).

Jamie & Richard, a team of friends that met at Loughborough University, are on a mission to supply the perfect underwear or Runderwear, for runners, hikers, gym goers and in fact anyone who want’s comfy, breathable underwear to wear when being active. This is even more relevant in hot climates when you are travelling. Perfectly crafted underwear will absorb and aerate sweaty areas and will keep you comfortable, whether you prefer to walk along beaches or to jog along promenades.

Runderwear is a business built on passion. After 2 years of trialling different fabrics, styles and fits, Jamie & Richard have found the perfect formula that all their fellow runners love.

Runderwear is a seriously important part of the kit bag that runners haven’t previously had the opportunity to own. If you plan to travel to a hot climate and to do more than sit on a lounger, then you must try runderwear. It is some of the best underwear in the sporting world and is ideal for an active holiday.

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