Cruise Ship Passengers Inhale Dangerously Polluted Air


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A German environmental association has just released research which shows that cruise ship passengers could be inhaling air with dangerously high levels of air pollutants; “60 times higher” than the air they would inhale in natural air settings.

The concentration of harmful ultra-fine particles was up to 200 times higher than it would be in natural fresh air surroundings and 20 times worse than in the busy city centres of some port cities according to the research.

Following the results, the German Lung Association and the Pneumologists Association warned cruise passengers that they should try to avoid these pollutants by not to staying on deck and trying to avoid inhaling ships’ exhaust gases. If they do, the result could be “acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)”, specially for those who suffer from lung diseases.

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