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As a luxury travel blogger, people often ask me “what’s the most luxurious sort of holiday I can go on”, my stock answer is to say it depends what sort of holiday you like but in the future this will be my answer “well it’s to stay on your own private island of course”! A stay on Bikendrik Island is just that, your own private island paradise. The privacy here is unrivaled, this is no bustling tourist resort but a calm, small, private boutique resort. The resort is based in the Marshall Islands which can be reached via a direct airport transfer from Brisbane, Australia. From Majuro airport, you cross the lagoon by boat to reach Bikendrik Island which takes about 45 minutes.

Luxury Boutique Resort Bikendrik Island is an all-inclusive luxury resort on its own 3.2-acre private island, one side of the island faces the lagoons and the overlooks over the azure blue of the Pacific Ocean. The main house is a beautiful pre-World War 1 German Coconut Plantation. The few other guests at the resort may well be rather extraordinary; this is a rather special and off the beaten track type of place and choosing to stay on a private island tends to mean you’re a rather interesting individual! Naming no names of course, but the resort has been frequented by royalty, head of states, and yachting billionaires so you never know who might be in the next room! The décor seems fitting for a desert island, it’s not modern and sleek but rather comfortable and charming, but the décor has to take second place to what goes on outside! There is a sense of class, all the paintings and works of art are genuine and many of the books are first editions.

The temperature on Bikendrik remains at a very pleasant level, rarely creeping above 31 degrees C and is generally between 26 and 29 degrees C, for warmer nights a fan is provided but it’s rarely needed and the gentle tropical breeze is usually sufficient. The service really makes the resort extra special, you feel very welcome and are basically spoilt rotten from the minute you arrive! Extra treats are served during the day just because; the cookie jar is your room is refilled regularly with home-made cookies and you’ll be surprised with an afternoon ice coffee treat just when you fancy something – the Tia Maria kick really makes it! The sense of privacy and space is wonderful, it makes the resort perfect for honeymooners as you’d struggle to find this level of privacy elsewhere, but really anyone wanting to escape the rat race, have some romantic time, or just some headspace and downtime would love to stay here.

There are 2 Beach Houses and a Colonial Suite, all are between 4 and 12 meters from the edge of the lagoon. All the rooms include designer bathrooms with both baths and showers, a refrigerator, safe, complimentary toiletries, complimentary drinks, and fresh fruit that are replenished daily and free Wi-Fi. But the terrace is where you will want to spend most of your time and that view just pulls you in. Luckily they are spacious and the chairs are comfortable and even recline so you’ve little reason to move!

The dining is silver service and prides itself on its Cordon Bleu style offerings. The day starts with a tray of hibiscus tea and home-made muffins being delivered to your door and you start to realize the treat you are in for. The continental breakfast consists of home-made croissants, Bath buns, a variety of bread, yogurts; also all home-made. Lunch is a delicious buffet with a main course, salad, and fruits, or if you prefer it can be packed up in a picnic basket (which also includes sparkling wine!). Cocktails are served in the lounge after sunset to kick off the evening island-style! Take your pick from champagne cocktails, Pina-Coladas, Derby and Singapore Slings, the list goes on! A delectable 4-course dinner with suitable fine wines ends your culinary adventure for the day and is truly a gourmet treat that has quite a reputation among guests. Despite the clientele and the high standard of the cuisine, this is a relaxed environment, and dressing for dinner is not required, you are very much experiencing life on a private desert island and comfort is paramount.

One of the most popular activities on the island has to be the scuba diving; quite simply because the conditions are perfect for it. The crystal clear waters are practically the same temperature as the air and the lagoon has a stunning selection of rare fish and wonderful unspoiled aquatic life. Diving trips take in both the reef and local wrecks, with over 100 species of fish and 250 species of coral you can see why diving the Marshall Islands is so special. Even if you’re not a diver or snorkeler, simply sitting in the coral garden (which is only 4 to 6 meters from the resort) at low tide or lazing on a lilo and gazing into the waters below is a perfect way to pass the time. Fishing, kayaking, and paddle boating can also be arranged by your hosts. Exploring the island and taking boat trips to neighboring uninhabited islands is a must, but some time must also be spent doing almost nothing, relaxation just creeps up on you on this magical island.

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Your hosts really are very happy to accommodate most requests, just give them advance warning as this is a remote island so they need a bit of notice!

Bikendrik Island really is a dream come true sort of a place; a luxury hideaway desert island with European charm and elegance and incredible cuisine; just keep it quiet – we don’t want the masses turning up!

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