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Your Choice Of Myatt's Minis Cocktail Gift Set

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  • Your Choice Of Myatt's Minis Cocktail Gift Set

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    This auction is for your choice of Myatt’s Minis Cocktail Gift Set valued at approximately £20 GBP*. The winner can choose between the Gin Lovers, Party Starter, Winter Warmer, James Bond, Trip To Italy, Discover and Taster Menu Gift Sets and your chosen gift set will be sent with complimentary UK shipping (all other destinations are excluded from this prize).

    Prize Shipping: This prize includes complimentary UK shipping only; all other destinations are excluded from this prize.

    Myatt’s Fields Cocktails believes there is so much more to a cocktail than simply a mixed drink that’s been chilled down and poured into a nice glass. Cocktails have a personality and theatre about them that should be captured and cherished. At Myatt’s Fields Cocktails, they have tried to capture all of this in every drink they create. They are not a factory. They make every drink, bottle it, and transport it to you for you to enjoy with family and friends, although, cocktails are also fantastic on your own, when the time is right. It’s true you can’t capture a whole lifetime in a single drink, but they’ve done their very best.

    Myatt’s Fields Cocktails itself is a premix cocktail boutique set up in London SE5 in 2017 by Clemency and Cyrus, who share a deep love in the craft of fine cocktail making, and have built this company to share that love with all their customers.

    This auction is for a set of Myatt’s Minis – perfect to help with planning an event, treating a friend or trying out something new! Each collection of Mtayy’s Minis comprises of a set of six 50ml minis. The winner can choose from these bundles:

    GIN LOVERS: 2 x Negroni; 2 x El Cuarto; and 2 x Vesper 53
    PARTY STARTER: 6 x Espresso Martini
    WINTER WARMER: 2 x Manhattan; 2 x Rum Old Fashioned; 2 x Trident
    BOND, JAMES BOND: 3 x Vesper 53; 3 x Negroni
    TRIP TO ITALY: 3 x Limoncello; 3 x Negroni
    DISCOVERY: 2 x El Cuarto; 2 x Trident; 2 x Vesper 53
    TASTER MENU: El Cuarto, Manhattan, Negroni, Rum Old Fashioned, Trident, Vesper 53

    Each set will make complete drinks, so simply pour, stir or shake and enjoy. You have everything you need.

    Terms and Conditions

    Luxury Travel Diary terms and conditions apply. *This auction is for your choice of Myatt’s Minis Cocktail Gift Set valued at approximately £20 GBP – please note this valuation is the list price provided to Luxury Travel Diary by Myatt’s Fields Cocktails and should be used as a guide only as cheaper discounted rates may be available. No cash alternative is available. This auction item includes complimentary UK shipping only; all other destinations are excluded from this prize. Prize will be posted directly to the winner from Myatt’s Fields Cocktails. Winners must pay for their auction item in full via Paypal within 48 hours of the auction end, otherwise Luxury Travel Diary Ltd. reserves the right to offer the auction item to the next highest bidder with immediate effect. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Luxury Travel Diary will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the winners’ use or enjoyment of the prize; and the winner acknowledges that Luxury Travel Diary accepts no responsibility whether directly or indirectly for any claims whatsoever arising in respect of the prizes provided by third party providers or sponsors. Please note, if you win this auction you are not permitted to bid on another auction prize from the same provider within the same year, this is to ensure as many different bidders as possible get to experience this great prize.