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Your Choice Of Multi Lens Sunglasses From Goodordering

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  • Your Choice Of Multi Lens Sunglasses From Goodordering

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    This auction is for your choice of stylish and functional Multi Lens Glasses from Goodordering valued at up to £85 GBP*. The winner can choose between Black, Maroon, Blue, Green and Yellow styles.

    Prize shipping: includes complimentary shipping within the UK and EU. All other destinations will incur additional shipping charges which will have to be paid for by the winner separately.

    Goodordering is a small independent urban cycling accessories company from Hackney, East London. Inspired by the cycling boom in 2012, when biking really took off, Goodordering provides all the accessories you need for every manner of cycling adventure, including highly desirable and colourful, unisex bike bags and stylish and functional sunglasses.

    Goodordering founder and designer: Jacqui Ma, has designed for Puma, Virgin Atlantic, Microsoft and Debenhams and now creates designs for Goodordering.

    Goodordering was shortlisted for the National Business Awards in 2016 and was the winner of the UK Export Excellence Award in 2016 for best first export!

    This auction is for one pair of innovative Multi Lens Glasses, designed for busy urban lives. Their 3-in-1 functionality allows them to switch between optical, sunglasses and night vision glasses with a satisfying magnetic clip-on function – simple and very effective! These glasses are ideal for commuting by bicycle or car and truly solve the problem that most glasses-wearing people have when changing environments.

    Each item includes two additional lenses: Polarised Yellow Lenses which are great for night vision and dreary cloudy days and Polarised Smoke Lenses which can be used on bright and sunny days as sunglasses.

    The glasses come in a stiff case with microfibre drawstring pouch.

    The frames are made from ULTEM which is a thermoplastic resin that is used in the aerospace, automotive and military industries. It is excellent because it has a high strength to weight ratio, and is resistant to environmental stress and cracking, as well as being resistant to alcohols, acids, and weak aqueous solutions.

    The lenses are polarised which means that they are designed to reduce brightness. Glare from the sun can still cause eye strain, squinting and even temporary blindness, however polarised lenses provide 100% protection from glare and UV rays.

    If you have a prescription, prescription lenses can be put into these glasses too, just contact your local optician or online lens company for details.

    Terms and Conditions

    Luxury Travel Diary terms and conditions apply. *This auction is for your choice of Multi Lens Glasses from Goodordering ( valued at approximately £85 GBP – please note this valuation is the list price provided to Luxury Travel Diary by the Auction Prize Provider and should be used as a guide only as cheaper discounted rates may be available. No cash alternative is available. This auction item includes complimentary shipping within the UK and EU. All other destinations will incur additional shipping charges which will have to be paid for by the winner separately. Prize will be posted directly to the winner from Luxury Travel Diary HQ. Winners must pay for their auction item in full via PayPal within 48 hours of the auction end, otherwise Luxury Travel Diary Ltd. reserves the right to offer the auction item to the next highest bidder with immediate effect. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Luxury Travel Diary will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the winners’ use or enjoyment of the prize; and the winner acknowledges that Luxury Travel Diary accepts no responsibility whether directly or indirectly for any claims whatsoever arising in respect of the prizes provided by third party providers or sponsors. Please note, if you win this auction you are not permitted to bid on another auction prize from the same provider within the same year, this is to ensure as many different bidders as possible get to experience this great brand.