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Aqua dos Açores Flores Eau De Parfum 100ml (UK & Europe Only)

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This auction is for a beautiful floral and aquatic Aqua dos Açores Flores Eau De Parfum 100ml fragrance worth €115 EUR (approx. £99 GBP).

This auction includes shipping within the U.K. and Europe only, all other destinations are excluded from this prize.

Aqua dos Açores is a new and unique perfume brand which offers a range of luxurious eau de parfums. Freshly created in 2019, in the lush and tropical Azores, these fragrances are defined by nature, sustainability and the ocean. Aqua dos Açores tells the story of a bond between the Florentine founder Cinzia Caiazzo and the Azorean Islands. This unique place captured her attention and that of her husband, and over time they were seduced by the islands: first by wine, founding their own vineyard: Adega do Vulcão (the volcano’s cellar) in the rich and fertile volcanic soils, which then lead to the production of precious grape seed oils which have been used the creation of Aqua dos Açores fragrances.

Both the wine and fragrance businesses express love for extreme nature and its own relationship with man. The Aqua dos Açores perfume collection was born as an olfactory travel diary, a sensorial tale of one of the most beautiful places in the world, a tribute to the Azores as a meeting and exchange place where history, nature, colours and scents merge. The fragrances are characterised by the high concentration of natural raw materials and essential oils sourced from plants growing in the archipelago combining the ancient tradition of artisan perfumery with the technical innovations in both research and development of perfumes with pure ingredients.

The range includes two eau de parfums, Flores and Azul.

This auction is for an Aqua dos Açores Flores Eau De Parfum 100ml fragrance. Flores is, as the name suggests, a floral aquatic fragrance which evokes volcanic lakes with incredible colours, an infinite array of flowers, exceptional charm and timeless tranquillity. The fragrance recreates the scent of soft rain and of wet grass, buds of pittosporum and orange blossom, in a delicate ocean breeze in the spring. It is formulated from precious natural extracts: Neroli, Pittosporum, Kahili ginger, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Jasmine and Bergamot.

Aqua dos Açores is passionate about sustainability and since in recent years the Azores archipelago was considered the most sustainable tourist destination in Europe, it has been essential to the brand to implement a committed choice protecting its natural environment with its biodiversity and its social wellbeing. The fragrances are produced responsibly protecting the environment and are paraben, silicone, and petroleum free, plus vegan friendly and cruelty free. The concept of use and reuse is a priority for the brand and it includes recyclable glass and completely biodegradable and recyclable packaging, FSC certified from sustainable sources.

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Luxury Travel Diary terms and conditions apply. *This auction is for an Aqua dos Açores Flores Eau De Parfum 100ml fragrance valued at approximately €115 – please note this valuation is the list price provided to Luxury Travel Diary by the Auction Prize Provider and should be used as a guide only as cheaper discounted rates may be available. No cash alternative is available. This auction includes shipping within the U.K. and Europe only, all other destinations are excluded from this prize. Prize will be posted directly to the winner from Aqua dos Açores. Winners must pay for their auction item in full via PayPal within 48 hours of the auction end. The full Terms of our auctions can be found here. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Luxury Travel Diary will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the winners’ use or enjoyment of the prize; and the winner acknowledges that Luxury Travel Diary accepts no responsibility whether directly or indirectly for any claims whatsoever arising in respect of the prizes provided by third party providers or sponsors. Please note, if you win this auction you are not permitted to bid on another auction prize from the same provider within the same year, this is to ensure as many different bidders as possible get to experience this great brand.