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1 Hour Private Intensive Ski Lesson in London for 4 People

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  • 1 Hour Private Intensive Ski Lesson in London for 4 People

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    Courtesy of Skieasy, this auction is for a 1 hour intensive private ski lesson which is suitable for up to 4 people at Skieasy, Dukes Meadows, Chiswick in London. This session is ideal for 1 person looking for intensive training or a family looking for a fun experience. This lesson is valued at up to £135 GBP*.

    Please note all additional purchases including food and drinks from the café, other activities etc. must be paid for by the winner separately.

    Auction Lesson Dates: to be booked in advance and taken before 01 November 2018, subject to availability.
    Experience amazing, new and innovative indoor skiing in the UK with Skieasy, who are delighted to announce the return of London’s original indoor ski slope to Dukes Meadows, Chiswick. This is a new generation of indoor ski experience using a continuously rotating ski track (think of a giant treadmill…) that brushes aside the need for snow and especially the queues and lifts that slow down your lessons.

    Unlike traditional indoor ski centres, the capabilities of the Skieasy Maxx-Tracks equipment allows them to maintain full control over the skiing environment. From the gradient of the slope to the speed at which it runs, the team ensure that the conditions are perfectly suited to your level, ability and development. All sessions include full instruction with qualified snow sports instructors at a maximum instructor to pupil ratio of 1:2. Better still, although you are welcome to bring your own boots, if you have them, all the gear you need to get up and running is provided. They provide Ski or Snowboard Boots, Skis or Snowboard, Poles (if required), Helmets (mandatory for all children under the age of 12 and all snowboarders), they do however suggest that you bring long, thick ski socks with you to ensure that your feet are comfortable throughout the session, plus, as they do put water on the slope, they advise you wear a long sleeved lightweight top and loose fitting trousers (tracksuit bottoms are ideal).

    Whether your session is in preparation for your first ski holiday or with the aim to get your ski muscles firing before you hit the slopes for the fiftieth time, Skieasy can tailor your session to suit your precise ability. All Skieasy instructors are fully qualified and snow sports enthusiasts from beginner to advanced can improve their skills and technique 8 times faster than on snow!

    This auction is for a 1 hour intensive private ski lesson with full instruction. Perfect either if you want each full hour session to yourself or if you want to bring the whole family down for some training in preparation for your holiday.

    Terms and Conditions

    Luxury Travel Diary terms and conditions apply. *This auction item is valued at up to £135 GBP by Skieasy, Dukes Meadows Golf and Tennis, Dan Mason Drive, London, W4 2SH – please note this valuation is the list price provided to Luxury Travel Diary by the Auction Prize Provider and should be used as a guide only as cheaper discounted rates may be available. No cash alternative is available. This auction item excludes flights, accommodation and transport – you will need to arrange your own flights / accommodation / transportation to and from your home to Skieasy, Dukes Meadows Golf and Tennis, Dan Mason Drive, London, W4 2SH to coincide with your lesson booking. Your lesson is subject to availability, must be booked in advance and taken before 01 November 2018. Please note any associated fees and additional purchases must be paid for by the winner separately and will not be deducted from the amount bid for the item. Winners must pay for their auction item in full via PayPal within 48 hours of the auction end, otherwise Luxury Travel Diary Ltd. reserves the right to offer the auction item to the next highest bidder with immediate effect. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Luxury Travel Diary will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the winners’ use or enjoyment of the prize; and the winner acknowledges that Luxury Travel Diary accepts no responsibility whether directly or indirectly for any claims whatsoever arising in respect of the prizes provided by third party providers or sponsors.