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7-Night Stay for 4 People in Las Vegas, Orlando or Mexico

Ended On: 08-Jan-19, 22:27 GMT

Winning Bid:

£501.00 GBP
113 Bids
p***0£501.0008-Jan-19, 22:21:49 GMT
g***y£404.0008-Jan-19, 22:16:52 GMT
p***0£403.0008-Jan-19, 22:14:55 GMT
g***y£402.0008-Jan-19, 22:10:23 GMT
p***0£401.0008-Jan-19, 22:06:10 GMT
g***y£352.0008-Jan-19, 22:05:52 GMT
p***0£351.0008-Jan-19, 22:04:52 GMT
g***y£322.0008-Jan-19, 22:04:19 GMT
R***i£321.0008-Jan-19, 22:03:22 GMT
g***y£320.0008-Jan-19, 22:02:59 GMT
R***i£319.0008-Jan-19, 22:02:05 GMT
g***y£318.0008-Jan-19, 21:59:45 GMT
R***i£317.0008-Jan-19, 21:59:15 GMT
g***y£316.0008-Jan-19, 21:56:30 GMT
R***i£315.0008-Jan-19, 21:55:56 GMT
g***y£303.0008-Jan-19, 21:54:49 GMT
p***0£302.0008-Jan-19, 21:53:55 GMT
R***i£301.0008-Jan-19, 21:53:33 GMT
g***y£300.0008-Jan-19, 21:52:55 GMT
R***i£299.0008-Jan-19, 21:52:26 GMT
g***y£298.0008-Jan-19, 21:49:26 GMT
p***0£297.0008-Jan-19, 21:48:59 GMT
g***y£296.0008-Jan-19, 21:47:46 GMT
R***i£295.0008-Jan-19, 21:46:32 GMT
g***y£294.0008-Jan-19, 21:45:53 GMT
p***0£293.0008-Jan-19, 21:44:56 GMT
R***i£292.0008-Jan-19, 21:44:36 GMT
g***y£291.0008-Jan-19, 21:43:26 GMT
R***i£290.0008-Jan-19, 21:41:44 GMT
g***y£289.0008-Jan-19, 21:40:37 GMT
R***i£288.0008-Jan-19, 21:40:23 GMT
g***y£287.0008-Jan-19, 21:39:26 GMT
R***i£286.0008-Jan-19, 21:38:12 GMT
g***y£285.0008-Jan-19, 21:37:35 GMT
R***i£284.0008-Jan-19, 21:37:03 GMT
g***y£283.0008-Jan-19, 21:36:05 GMT
R***i£282.0008-Jan-19, 21:35:34 GMT
g***y£281.0008-Jan-19, 21:34:23 GMT
R***i£280.0008-Jan-19, 21:33:02 GMT
g***y£279.0008-Jan-19, 21:32:27 GMT
R***i£278.0008-Jan-19, 21:31:55 GMT
g***y£277.0008-Jan-19, 21:30:48 GMT
R***i£276.0008-Jan-19, 21:29:51 GMT
g***y£275.0008-Jan-19, 21:29:25 GMT
R***i£274.0008-Jan-19, 21:28:52 GMT
g***y£273.0008-Jan-19, 21:28:24 GMT
R***i£272.0008-Jan-19, 21:27:35 GMT
g***y£271.0008-Jan-19, 21:27:14 GMT
R***i£270.0008-Jan-19, 21:26:41 GMT
g***y£269.0008-Jan-19, 21:26:07 GMT
R***i£268.0008-Jan-19, 21:25:04 GMT
g***y£267.0008-Jan-19, 21:24:31 GMT
R***i£266.0008-Jan-19, 21:21:31 GMT
p***0£265.0008-Jan-19, 21:21:05 GMT
g***y£264.0008-Jan-19, 21:20:19 GMT
n***8£263.0008-Jan-19, 21:19:55 GMT
R***i£262.0008-Jan-19, 21:19:16 GMT
g***y£261.0008-Jan-19, 21:19:02 GMT
n***8£260.0008-Jan-19, 21:18:22 GMT
g***y£259.0008-Jan-19, 21:17:43 GMT
R***i£258.0008-Jan-19, 21:17:05 GMT
g***y£257.0008-Jan-19, 21:16:06 GMT
R***i£256.0008-Jan-19, 21:15:29 GMT
g***y£255.0008-Jan-19, 21:14:47 GMT
R***i£254.0008-Jan-19, 21:14:13 GMT
g***y£253.0008-Jan-19, 21:12:54 GMT
R***i£252.0008-Jan-19, 21:12:11 GMT
g***y£251.0008-Jan-19, 21:11:44 GMT
R***i£250.0008-Jan-19, 21:11:19 GMT
g***y£249.0008-Jan-19, 21:10:47 GMT
R***i£248.0008-Jan-19, 21:10:04 GMT
g***y£247.0008-Jan-19, 21:09:29 GMT
R***i£246.0008-Jan-19, 21:09:05 GMT
g***y£245.0008-Jan-19, 21:08:38 GMT
R***i£244.0008-Jan-19, 21:08:09 GMT
g***y£243.0008-Jan-19, 21:07:42 GMT
R***i£242.0008-Jan-19, 21:07:13 GMT
g***y£241.0008-Jan-19, 21:06:24 GMT
R***i£240.0008-Jan-19, 21:05:26 GMT
g***y£239.0008-Jan-19, 21:04:57 GMT
R***i£238.0008-Jan-19, 21:04:09 GMT
g***y£237.0008-Jan-19, 21:03:34 GMT
R***i£236.0008-Jan-19, 21:03:03 GMT
g***y£235.0008-Jan-19, 20:59:23 GMT
R***i£234.0008-Jan-19, 20:58:52 GMT
g***y£233.0008-Jan-19, 20:58:03 GMT
R***i£232.0008-Jan-19, 20:57:26 GMT
g***y£231.0008-Jan-19, 20:56:42 GMT
R***i£230.0008-Jan-19, 20:55:49 GMT
g***y£229.0008-Jan-19, 20:54:47 GMT
R***i£228.0008-Jan-19, 20:16:54 GMT
p***0£226.0008-Jan-19, 19:17:14 GMT
d***1£225.0008-Jan-19, 11:38:56 GMT
p***0£221.0008-Jan-19, 09:43:47 GMT
d***1£220.0008-Jan-19, 09:31:01 GMT
p***0£200.0002-Jan-19, 09:59:45 GMT
d***1£195.0002-Jan-19, 07:12:57 GMT
g***y£192.0031-Dec-18, 20:41:28 GMT
b***g£191.0030-Dec-18, 03:47:01 GMT
a***n£190.0028-Dec-18, 21:14:59 GMT
d***1£180.0026-Dec-18, 16:34:05 GMT
b***g£153.0022-Dec-18, 01:32:38 GMT
l***g£152.0021-Dec-18, 16:12:05 GMT
m***n£151.0029-Nov-18, 17:53:29 GMT
d***1£150.0029-Nov-18, 14:14:37 GMT
b***g£121.0018-Nov-18, 03:01:05 GMT
B***l£120.0011-Nov-18, 21:00:46 GMT
a***m£90.0011-Nov-18, 17:25:12 GMT
r***i£62.0011-Nov-18, 09:29:25 GMT
r***s£61.0011-Nov-18, 00:13:49 GMT
r***e£60.0009-Nov-18, 08:16:36 GMT
j***t£52.0008-Nov-18, 11:57:00 GMT
c***d£2.0007-Nov-18, 17:44:23 GMT
This auction was won by p***0.
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Courtesy of Hotels Etc., this auction is for a 7 night stay for 2 adults and 2 children (under 12) at either: GrandView Resort, Las Vegas, Vacation Village at Parkway, Orlando or a variety of properties in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun in Mexico (winner can select the location). Guests will be staying in 1-Bedroom Condo in Las Vegas or in a Studio in Orlando or Mexico. Stay is valued at approximately $3,500 USD / £2,645 GBP*. Please note all additional purchases including meals, drinks, spa treatments, excursions etc. must be paid for by the winner separately.

Auction stay dates: to be booked in advance and taken before 31 March 2019, subject to availability. Note: should the winner wish to take the stay later, they can extend the validity of the voucher for 12 months by paying an additional $99 USD (approx. £76 GBP).

Hotels Etc. has a network of over 500,000 luxury Hotels, Condos, Vacations and Resort accommodations in over 141 countries ranging from roadside accommodations to luxury 5-star accommodations. So, if you’re tired of searching the internet for travel, entertainment and recreation discounts, then Hotels Etc. has the solution for you.
They provide excellent research, great customer service and exceptional travel discounts that have earned them global recognition. Since 1996, their dedicated team of staff has negotiated some of the biggest discounts on the internet exclusively for their members. One of the big differences is that unlike public booking engines, Hotels Etc. does not add commissions or fees to your bookings and instead pass all the savings directly to their members. A Hotels Etc. membership has something for everyone to help them save money on a wide variety of activities, allowing them to quite simply: travel the world for less!

Hotels Etc. does not sell travel, instead they negotiate discounts at luxury Hotels, Condos, Vacations and Resort accommodations for their members that are not available to the public. In terms of entertainment, members can save up to 70% off Theme Parks, Movies, Restaurants, Shows, Tickets, Concerts, and more. If you love the great outdoors, Hotels Etc. can save you up to 70% off Camping, Tours, Kayaking, Excursions, Hiking, Biking, Out Door Activities, Sightseeing and more. Plus, for those who like a little retail therapy, they can obtain online and offline shopping discounts including shopping rewards on purchases.

The winner and their guests will enjoy a 7 night stay at either: GrandView Resort, Las Vegas, Vacation Village at Parkway, Orlando or a variety of properties in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun in Mexico.

Terms and Conditions

Luxury Travel Diary terms and conditions apply. *This auction item is valued at approximately $3,500 USD by Hotels Etc. Inc, 910 Athens Hwy Suite K, Loganville, GA 30052, USA – please note this valuation is the list price provided to Luxury Travel Diary by the Auction Prize Provider and should be used as a guide only as cheaper discounted rates may be available. No cash alternative is available. This auction item excludes flights and transport – you will need to arrange your own flights / transportation to and from your home to your chosen Hotels Etc. destination in either: GrandView Resort, Las Vegas, Vacation Village at Parkway, Orlando or a variety of properties in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun in Mexico to coincide with your booking. Your stay is subject to availability, must be booked in advance and taken before 31 March 2019, should the winner wish to take the stay later, they can extend the validity of the voucher for 12 months by paying an additional $99 USD (approx. £76 GBP). Please note any associated taxes / resort fees / entrance fees etc. will be collected from the winner by the relevant property at the time of booking your stay or on departure, and will not be deducted from the amount bid for the item. Winners must pay for their auction item in full via Paypal within 48 hours of the auction end, otherwise Luxury Travel Diary Ltd. reserves the right to offer the auction item to the next highest bidder with immediate effect. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Luxury Travel Diary will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the winners’ use or enjoyment of the prize; and the winner acknowledges that Luxury Travel Diary accepts no responsibility whether directly or indirectly for any claims whatsoever arising in respect of the prizes provided by third party providers or sponsors.

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