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North Iceland Day Tour For 6 Ppl With Nature Bath / Beer Spa

Ended On: 25-Jun-18, 19:36 BST

Winning Bid:

£150.00 GBP
78 Bids
a***b£150.0025-Jun-18, 19:31:02 BST
a***l£146.0025-Jun-18, 19:30:13 BST
a***b£145.0025-Jun-18, 19:26:16 BST
s***v£144.0025-Jun-18, 19:23:18 BST
a***l£143.0025-Jun-18, 19:22:56 BST
s***v£142.0025-Jun-18, 19:21:26 BST
a***l£141.0025-Jun-18, 19:19:07 BST
a***b£140.0025-Jun-18, 19:17:00 BST
s***v£137.0025-Jun-18, 19:15:19 BST
a***l£136.0025-Jun-18, 19:12:19 BST
j***t£135.0025-Jun-18, 19:09:42 BST
a***l£131.0025-Jun-18, 19:05:05 BST
j***t£130.0025-Jun-18, 19:02:43 BST
a***l£127.0025-Jun-18, 19:00:32 BST
s***v£126.0025-Jun-18, 18:58:59 BST
a***b£125.0025-Jun-18, 18:57:34 BST
j***t£120.0025-Jun-18, 18:56:44 BST
a***b£116.0025-Jun-18, 18:55:42 BST
a***l£115.0025-Jun-18, 18:51:37 BST
a***b£114.0025-Jun-18, 18:49:06 BST
s***v£113.0025-Jun-18, 18:46:47 BST
a***b£112.0025-Jun-18, 18:46:28 BST
s***v£111.0025-Jun-18, 18:46:00 BST
j***t£110.0025-Jun-18, 18:45:41 BST
s***v£105.0025-Jun-18, 18:44:29 BST
a***b£104.0025-Jun-18, 18:44:04 BST
s***v£103.0025-Jun-18, 18:42:55 BST
a***b£102.0025-Jun-18, 18:42:26 BST
s***v£101.0025-Jun-18, 18:41:46 BST
a***b£100.0025-Jun-18, 18:41:11 BST
s***v£99.0025-Jun-18, 18:40:35 BST
a***b£98.0025-Jun-18, 18:39:08 BST
s***v£96.0025-Jun-18, 18:38:34 BST
a***b£95.0025-Jun-18, 18:38:19 BST
s***v£91.0025-Jun-18, 18:37:47 BST
a***b£90.0025-Jun-18, 18:37:22 BST
s***v£85.0025-Jun-18, 18:36:57 BST
a***b£84.0025-Jun-18, 18:36:38 BST
s***v£83.0025-Jun-18, 18:35:44 BST
a***b£82.0025-Jun-18, 18:35:24 BST
s***v£81.0025-Jun-18, 18:34:32 BST
a***b£80.0025-Jun-18, 18:33:47 BST
s***v£76.0025-Jun-18, 18:33:14 BST
a***b£75.0025-Jun-18, 18:32:17 BST
j***t£72.0025-Jun-18, 18:31:41 BST
a***b£69.0025-Jun-18, 18:29:51 BST
s***v£68.0025-Jun-18, 18:27:23 BST
j***t£67.0025-Jun-18, 18:26:45 BST
s***v£65.0025-Jun-18, 18:25:01 BST
a***l£64.0025-Jun-18, 18:24:35 BST
s***v£63.0025-Jun-18, 18:21:51 BST
a***b£62.0025-Jun-18, 18:21:24 BST
s***v£61.0025-Jun-18, 18:21:00 BST
a***b£60.0025-Jun-18, 18:19:47 BST
s***v£58.0025-Jun-18, 18:19:26 BST
a***b£57.0025-Jun-18, 18:17:34 BST
a***l£55.0025-Jun-18, 18:17:10 BST
a***b£54.0025-Jun-18, 18:14:41 BST
s***v£53.0025-Jun-18, 18:13:55 BST
a***b£52.0025-Jun-18, 18:13:00 BST
a***l£51.0025-Jun-18, 18:12:01 BST
a***b£44.0025-Jun-18, 18:10:15 BST
s***v£43.0025-Jun-18, 18:09:25 BST
a***l£42.0025-Jun-18, 18:09:08 BST
a***b£40.0025-Jun-18, 18:07:45 BST
a***l£39.0025-Jun-18, 18:06:48 BST
a***b£38.0025-Jun-18, 18:06:26 BST
a***l£37.0025-Jun-18, 18:05:28 BST
a***b£36.0025-Jun-18, 18:04:58 BST
a***l£35.0025-Jun-18, 18:04:32 BST
a***b£33.0025-Jun-18, 18:00:40 BST
s***v£32.0025-Jun-18, 17:59:40 BST
a***b£31.0025-Jun-18, 17:28:31 BST
L***h£30.0017-Jun-18, 22:33:49 BST
p***0£28.0003-May-18, 23:07:43 BST
b***g£25.0001-May-18, 22:32:06 BST
M***a£3.0001-May-18, 16:45:36 BST
s***s£1.9930-Apr-18, 02:57:31 BST
This auction was won by a***b.
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Courtesy of Ice 1 Trips-Akureyri Luxury Travel, this auction is for a 1 Full Day Private Tour (approx. 8 hours from pick up to drop off) of the North of Iceland tailored to your interests and special requests. The tour will start from Akureyri, for up to 6 passengers, travelling in a luxury SUV with a professional local chauffeur/guide. Tour includes: sightseeing with a choice of visiting the: Ásbyrgi Canyon and Coast Tour (including a geothermal sea bath), Grand Lake Mývatn Tour (including a geothermal hot spring nature bath), or Siglufjörður & Beer Spa Tour (with a beer spa session); all admission fees; water; a 1 course local meal with 1 glass of local beer or 1 glass of soft drink, and all taxes. Tour is valued at up to $2,000 USD / £1,435 GBP*.

Tour dates: to be booked at least 1 week in advance and taken between 01 October 2018 – 31 May 2019, excluding tours over Christmas and Easter, subject to availability. Please note, tours are subject to local weather and road conditions.

Ice 1 Trips-Akureyri Luxury Travel is a luxury tour operator based in Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland. This small family business offers premium private or small group day trips to share the delights of North Iceland with everything included.

The team has great relationships with all their local partners, which means they can personalise your tour and add in incredible experiences like: whale watching, rafting, visiting a local beer spa and luxury meals as well as sourcing great accommodation at local hotels and guesthouses. All their tours are run by experienced local chauffeurs in luxury vehicles.

The winner and their guests will be going on an 8 hour private, bespoke tour of the North of Iceland. As part of your tour you have the choice of a geothermal hot spring nature bath, geothermal sea bath or a beer spa experience. The tour is available in English and Icelandic and includes a 1 course local meal with 1 glass of local beer or 1 glass of soft drink.

Terms and Conditions

Luxury Travel Diary terms and conditions apply. *This auction item is valued at approximately $2,000 USD by Ice 1 Trips-Akureyri Luxury Travel – please note this valuation is the list price provided to Luxury Travel Diary by the Auction Prize Provider and should be used as a guide only as cheaper discounted rates may be available. No cash alternative is available. This auction item excludes flights and transport – you will need to arrange your own flights / transportation to and from your home to Akureyri, Iceland to coincide with your tour booking. Your tour is subject to availability, must be booked at least 1 week in advance and taken between 01 October 2018 – 31 May 2019, excluding tours over Christmas and Easter. Please note any associated taxes / resort fees / entrance fees etc. will be collected from the winner by the relevant property at the time of booking your stay or on departure and will not be deducted from the amount bid for the item. Winners must pay for their auction item in full via PayPal within 48 hours of the auction end, otherwise Luxury Travel Diary Ltd. reserves the right to offer the auction item to the next highest bidder with immediate effect. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Luxury Travel Diary will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the winners’ use or enjoyment of the prize; and the winner acknowledges that Luxury Travel Diary accepts no responsibility whether directly or indirectly for any claims whatsoever arising in respect of the prizes provided by third party providers or sponsors.

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