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2 nights at Villa La Tosca 5-Star Villa Hotel in France

Ended On: 28-Feb-17, 20:00 GMT

Winning Bid:

£212.00 GBP
43 Bids
D***1£212.0028-Feb-17, 19:43:44 GMT
j***d£211.0028-Feb-17, 17:49:12 GMT
j***t£210.0028-Feb-17, 17:16:39 GMT
j***d£80.0028-Feb-17, 17:15:12 GMT
D***1£78.0028-Feb-17, 17:04:31 GMT
j***d£77.0028-Feb-17, 15:38:51 GMT
c***9£76.0028-Feb-17, 14:53:00 GMT
j***d£75.0028-Feb-17, 13:56:40 GMT
c***9£71.0028-Feb-17, 13:35:38 GMT
j***d£70.0028-Feb-17, 10:31:31 GMT
p***n£69.0028-Feb-17, 10:26:52 GMT
j***d£67.0028-Feb-17, 10:05:30 GMT
c***9£66.0028-Feb-17, 09:07:59 GMT
t***i£65.0028-Feb-17, 06:43:25 GMT
c***9£64.0028-Feb-17, 05:53:04 GMT
t***i£63.0028-Feb-17, 01:43:56 GMT
c***9£62.0027-Feb-17, 21:07:54 GMT
c***a£61.0027-Feb-17, 20:51:42 GMT
c***9£60.0027-Feb-17, 20:45:57 GMT
c***a£59.0027-Feb-17, 20:32:30 GMT
c***9£58.0027-Feb-17, 14:26:07 GMT
T***a£57.0027-Feb-17, 12:32:51 GMT
d***y£56.0023-Feb-17, 19:14:20 GMT
T***a£55.0020-Feb-17, 13:25:41 GMT
c***9£52.0016-Feb-17, 13:49:08 GMT
D***1£51.0016-Feb-17, 02:59:14 GMT
s***s£50.0013-Feb-17, 11:23:28 GMT
a***e£46.0009-Feb-17, 18:13:20 GMT
p***m£45.0005-Feb-17, 14:41:02 GMT
j***d£35.0002-Feb-17, 18:40:54 GMT
J***l£31.0024-Jan-17, 10:29:05 GMT
c***a£30.0023-Jan-17, 17:38:56 GMT
J***l£27.0021-Jan-17, 07:32:00 GMT
c***y£25.6521-Jan-17, 01:37:53 GMT
J***l£23.0020-Jan-17, 23:36:17 GMT
c***y£22.0020-Jan-17, 19:07:27 GMT
s***s£20.0020-Jan-17, 17:20:51 GMT
J***l£9.0019-Jan-17, 19:27:49 GMT
p***7£8.0019-Jan-17, 00:59:28 GMT
J***l£7.0017-Jan-17, 16:58:33 GMT
j***f£4.0017-Jan-17, 16:40:24 GMT
J***l£3.0015-Jan-17, 19:51:26 GMT
d***y£1.9915-Jan-17, 11:33:10 GMT
This auction was won by D***1.
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Enjoy a 2-night mid-week stay (Sunday – Thursday) for 2 guests in a Suite at Villa La Tosca, a 5-star Boutique Villa Hotel in Arcachon Bay, Bordeaux, France including a complimentary bottle of champagne worth up to EUR€1,600 / GBP£1,235 / USD$1,795.

Prize stay dates: to be taken before 31 December 2017, excluding all weekends, bank holidays and stays between 04 June – 24 September 2017, subject to availability.

You will be staying in one of the eight suites at Villa La Tosca 5-Star fully serviced luxury villa which provides the ultimate in comfort and bespoke experiences. Each luxurious and spacious suite has its own unique style and feel and is furnished with a beautiful contemporary finish with views over the sea or gardens and ecological pool.

Terms & Conditions: Luxury Travel Diary terms and conditions apply. This auction item is valued at up to EUR€1,600 by Villa la Tosca, Arcachon Bay, Bordeaux, France. No cash alternative is available. This auction item excludes flights and transport – you will need to arrange your own flights / transportation to and from your home to Villa la Tosca, Arcachon Bay, Bordeaux, France to coincide with your booking. Your stay is subject to availability, must be booked in advance and taken over a Sunday to Thursday night before 31 December 2017, excluding all weekends, bank holidays and stays between 04 June – 24 September 2017. Winners must pay for their auction item in full via Paypal within 48 hours of the auction end, otherwise Luxury Travel Diary Ltd. reserves the right to offer the auction item to the next highest bidder with immediate effect.

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