The Safest Way To Buy A Cheap Rolex Watch


For generations, watches have been classic style pieces that add an extra touch of sophistication to any outfit. A luxury watch is an expression of elegance and class, and they make wonderful assets to pass down to future generations. In this article, we investigate the best and safest way to buy a cheap Rolex watch.

For passionate collectors, a watch can hold historical significance too. Purchasing or receiving a gorgeous timepiece is a memorable and heartwarming experience. Who wouldn’t want to add an opulent, designer accessory to their wardrobe or collection?

Where to Buy A Rolex Cheaper

Funnily enough, many people travel for miles to buy a cheap Rolex, as the price isn’t necessarily the same around the world. There are varying opinions on the best countries to buy luxury watches, both in the price and range. The cheapest countries will offer Rolex watches but not much choice or range, so it’s sometimes worth traveling to less well-known “cheap Rolex destinations” to pick up exactly what you want.

This is the beauty of buying from a luxury watch retailer, which offers watches for purchase online, as you can be sure to find designer watches at a cheaper price, and you don’t have to get onto a flight to find your dream Rolex.

In case you are wondering, if you are a collector of Luxury Timepieces, eg, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, etc., the best destination to pick up your at as cheap a price as possible is not Switzerland! This is, in fact, one of the most expensive countries to buy a Rolex, so don’t plan to buy a Rolex on their next holiday to Switzerland. The same goes for the Scandinavian countries, where luxury watches are similarly expensive.

You are better off traveling to Eastern Europe or the Balkans, including Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Greece, rather than Switzerland. Target locally-owned watch retailers for the best price. But of course, travel far from home, and you may well be sold a fake. You need to get any watch you buy authenticated, and that isn’t easy. Once you’ve left said country, you have no recourse or comeback and very little power if you have purchased a fake).

Three countries are a better choice to buy a cheap Rolex. The Japanese are huge collectors of vintage timepieces so there are plenty of used watch shops in Japan. A VAT refund is offered on second-hand watches as well as new ones, but Japan isn’t a cheap country to get to or to stay in, and the Yen is not cheap either, so once you’ve factored in the travel, this may not be a cheap way to buy a Rolex.

Hongkong and Singapore also come to mind for high-end watch purchases, but watches are not as cheap as they used to be. In Hong Kong, there are a lot of these shops that are family-owned used watch shops, so you have a great range of watches to choose from, although the prices are higher than they used to be.

There is not much room for negotiation in Singapore, but Singaporeans are a nation that puts value in the status and joy that a luxury watch will bring. A person with a limited salary may wear a Rolex purchased on an installment basis, which is a somewhat precarious way to live, but never fails to impress. This means that demand is high for luxury watches, and again, once you factor in the travel, you will not get a watch cheaper in any of these destinations.

Where does that leave me?

With the worry of purchasing an unauthenticated watch when you travel and the fact that the travel itself costs a great deal (even if you are simply buying a low-cost flight), which must be factored into the cost of your watch, it can makes a great deal more sense to buy your Rolex or an alternative brand of timepiece online.

If you decide to travel, Milan in Italy could be an interesting choice. Now that the UK is not part of the EU, we can claim some of the tax back from the watch or designer item we’ve bought at the airport when we leave a country. This involves filling out forms, so it is a labor-intensive method, but tax savings are worthwhile. There is a great selection of Rolex watches in Milan.

Rolex’s are usually worth the investment. They are prestigious and mainly go up rather than down in value, the opposite of many sports cars, and yet they offer similar prestige.

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