Best Club World Seats On The British Airways A380


How do you choose your British Airways Club World A380 Business Class seat? You can see our British Airways Airbus A380 Club World Review.

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The two upper deck cabins feel more intimate than the larger cabin on the lower deck (because they contain fewer seats), so choose an upper deck seat. In addition, the upper deck is higher above the massive Rolls Royce engines and thus quieter.

For solo travelers: the rear-facing window seats are more private than the ones you want to be seated in. In addition, the seats on the upper deck have a couple of side lockers, which are very useful for storing personal items.

For solo travelers: if you cannot secure a window seat, your next best choice is the middle seat in the 2-3-2 upper deck configuration as it has an extra storage compartment, though note you will have to step over the feet of the passengers on either side unless you are in the rearmost row (in each cabin).

The “honeymoon” center seats on the lower deck, where you’re basically seated as close to the person next to you as you would be in economy, are great if you’re traveling with someone you want to be that close to, though it would be downright awkward when you end up next to a stranger in that configuration.

Row 53 (upper deck, front cabin): window seats A & K are the best seats on the plane since they offer direct aisle access without jumping over the other passengers’ feet. While the window seats on row 15 (lower deck) and row 59 (upper deck) also offer a clear exit route, they are less than desirable (see below).

The middle seat in the 2-3-2 upper deck configuration on rows 53 and 59 not only has an extra storage compartment but also offers direct aisle access. We have also reviewed the worst Business Class seats on BA’s A380. These are the ones to avoid.

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