Top 5 Essentials For Your Getaway This Summer


Travel is finally getting more straightforward with the requirement for constant Covid testing evaporating. I’m sure, like us, you’re desperate to get back to your favorite beach or even try somewhere new. But do you remember how to pack? It has literally been 2 years since our UK-based editorial team made it off British soil, and in case you need a refresher, we have put together a packing plan below.

All our light and pretty summer tops have been hidden in the backs of our wardrobes for too long. Our Louboutins are covered in dust. But never fear, we have outlined the absolute must-have essentials for your getaway this summer below.

1. LEVEL8 Gibraltar

Let’s begin with what you put it all in. Remember to travel light. By traveling carry on only, you’ll save money on baggage fees and never waste your time standing around at the baggage carousel hoping your bag shows up. You’ll just race through the (possibly germ-filled) airport and out into the fresh air!

The LEVEL8 Gibraltar is one of the smartest carry-ons on the market and is the case we travel with. LEVEL8 luggage is sleek and simple in design and expertly crafted with durable, quality materials that are backed by years of experience.

This magnificent case includes a bunch of useful features which add gravitas to its functionality. These include the 100% aluminum hard shell (aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy actually) and it’s a perfect size, at 20-inches, making it suitable for most aircraft overhead compartments. This case is keyless and zipperless with dual TSA-approved Locks to ensure your belongings are safe throughout your travels. Slow-release handles without noise avoid pinching of the skin on your hand. Ultra-quiet 360° durable spinner wheels make it ideal for rolling. Rivet corners protect the case no matter where your travels take you and anti-wear stands prevent the suitcase from touching the ground directly. Inside, there’s a mesh pocket interior divider, the case comes with a 4 piece organizer bag set, and let’s not forget the lifetime warranty.

2. Layers

Now you have your luggage sorted, let’s look at what goes inside. My top tip for clothing is layers. Even if you’re going to a hot destination, a grey or windy evening may require a surprising amount of warm clothing. Equally, planes can be cold. Over enthusiastic air conditioning on the plane can leave you feeling a little chilly so always have a jumper in your bag. And if it gets too hot, pop your outer layers back in your case!

Layers also work for the pool area too. A nice light Kaftan will save your skin from the sun’s rays, and make sure you take your most stylish swimsuit to look like a rock star poolside. At the moment, we particularly like Sparkle Mode’s chic Sparkle Mode Cutaway Swimsuit. Designed in Ireland by Nicky Campbell, near the beautiful wild Atlantic surf beaches, their range is fashionable, edgy, and full of ‘Joie de Vivre. Priced at £69 GBP, this gets a great deal of bang for your buck.

3. Shoes

Now, these are always a difficult one as shoes take up so much space and I have to admit are our failure, when it comes to packing. I always take flip-flops for the pool, heels for the evening, heeled boots for the evening, and heeled trainers for the airport. Too many, maybe, but they do make all the difference to an outfit.

4. Medications & toiletries

Seriously don’t forget these. Whether they are prescribed or whether you simply want to save your skin from the sun with protective lotions and from mosquitos with sprays, don’t forget them. Diarrhea tablets and paracetemol are also worth having in your bag.

5. Essentials

Say after me: passport, money (credit cards), and keys. Once you have these, you can buy everything you need when you get there.

I wish every one of our readers wonderful travel experiences in 2022 wherever you go. It’s been too long!

Image © Jag_cz / Adobe Stock.

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