10 Best Discounts At Four Seasons Resort Langkawi


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Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is all about the pool, the beach, and relaxation, but how can guests get the best deal or discount?

Why Four Seasons Resort Langkawi?

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is one of the best hotels in Langkawi when we compared Four Seasons Resort Langkawi Vs. Ritz-Carlton Langkawi Vs. St. Regis Langkawi Vs. The Datai Langkawi. In fact, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi was named the highest-ranked Resort in Malaysia by Condé Nast Traveler’s 2020 Readers’ Choice Award.

This is the kind of place where you forget what day it is. Where you stop thinking about what day it is. I think the key to Four Seasons Langkawi is partly in the numbers. 48 acres and 91 rooms. A heck of a lot of beaches and very few people. Malaysian people are the secret ingredient. They love life (and especially food) and take the responsibility of hospitality very seriously. They smile, a lot. The staff at Four Seasons Langkawi are simply amazing when it comes to remembering how you like your coffee, your favorite wine, where you like to sit.

Using the following tips, we can help you get the best deal at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi:

1. Free Benefits Are As Good As A Discount

To get the best discount at a Four Seasons hotel with free loyalty style benefits, you need to book with a luxury travel agent like our luxury travel concierge.

Our rates match those on the Four Seasons website, including discounted and special offer rates, but by booking with us, you get extra benefits, including free breakfast, free room upgrade (subject to availability), a welcome gift, and a $100 resort credit. We offer similar complimentary benefits at over 1,000 other luxury hotels across the world.

2. Book A Special Offer At Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

The Four Seasons Resort Langkawi’s own website lists all the special offers currently available at the hotel. You can combine these offers with the benefits offered by our luxury travel concierge.

Usually, offers available on the Four Seasons website include their stay longer and fourth-night free deals which means that you receive a complimentary fourth night. Advance purchase deals enable you to take advantage of around a 20 percent discount on the room rate.

3. Book Early At Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Four Seasons hotels and resorts are so popular that they often sell out, so they don’t need to discount their rooms during the high season. At Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, avoid the school holidays if you can, as room rates tend to be higher during these periods, and it is well worth booking in advance. As you get closer to the dates you want to stay, the room rates will usually rise. Rooms will start to sell out, often starting from the bottom room up.

4. Join The Four Seasons Loyalty Scheme

That’s a trick title! Four Seasons doesn’t reward guests with loyalty points. Most Four Seasons hotel room rates start at $500 – $1000 USD per night, and because there isn’t a Four Seasons loyalty program, you will never be able to book a free stay by racking up and redeeming points, or by collecting points on your credit card and spending them on a Four Seasons hotel stay. It can’t be done.

If you are a premium member of an alternate hotel’s loyalty scheme, you get premium benefits, particularly if you are a regular guest. The only way of getting this kind of special treatment and loyalty benefit at a Four Seasons hotel is by booking with a luxury travel agent like our luxury travel concierge.

5. Change Your Holiday Dates

Where possible, re-arrange your dates and plan to specifically target the Four Seasons hotel you are planning to visit, when it is cheapest and offers the best discounts. Try to avoid Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You will pay so much more during the holidays, and you can rarely take advantage of special offers or deals on these dates. Also when the hotel is full, the check-in team is less likely to find a room in the category above yours to upgrade you to.

6. Be Clever With Your Discounted Rates

It is worth taking the weather into account when choosing when to visit. November to March is the best time to visit Langkawi, as this is when peninsular Malaysia receives the most sunshine. It is best to book during the sunnier season even if the discount isn’t quite as good.

7. Stay Shorter

It sounds obvious when you say it out loud, but I would prefer three nights at an expensive Four Seasons rather than a week at a cheap budget resort.

8. Pick The Cheapest Properties

It doesn’t matter how luxurious the Four Seasons brand is. Some parts of the world are cheaper than others. Four Seasons Resort Langkawi comes at the cheaper end of the scale along with Four Seasons Casablanca or Marrakech in Morocco. The level of luxury at these hotels is consistently outstanding, as with all Four Seasons hotels, but the cost of land and staff is not comparable between these countries. So you can get a stay at the same caliber of Four Seasons hotel, cheaper, by choosing a Four Seasons hotel in a less expensive country. We have outlined the cheapest Four Seasons hotels in the world to help you choose where to stay. This is not a discount; this is simply using common sense to book your vacation in a cheaper area of the world.

9. Use Corporate Promo Codes

There are special corporate promo discount codes, so if you are an employee of a company like Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, IBM, or the government, you might be able to take advantage of these discounts. These codes are not widely available to the general public, and the discount may not be as good as the complimentary benefits offered by our luxury travel concierge. We suggest asking for a free quote from our luxury travel concierge so you can compare prices and benefits and get the complete picture before booking.

10. Don’t Book With Your Credit Card Travel Agency

Do you want to be at the front of the queue for your free room upgrade? Book your Four Seasons stay via our luxury travel concierge, and we will put you first in line for your free upgrade. You will be placed in front of guests who book via booking services like American Express Finest Hotels & Resorts.

This is because our travel agency is an official partner of Four Seasons hotels, so room upgrades for clients that we book into Four Seasons hotels are put at the front of the queue! You can still use any credit card as payment when you book with our concierge, so you still get your usual loyalty points and rewards from your credit card when you book with us.

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