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10 Best Designer Mini Handbags


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If you are looking for a luxurious nano leather handbag, look no further. We outline the 10 best designer mini handbags below. Just in case you’re not au fait with our mini gems, these handbags are large enough to fit your purse, a small hairbrush, makeup, and bits. They will fit what you need, without your essentials getting lost, much like a large pocket, but they are not large enough to hold a laptop or a coat.

These minute but perfectly formed handbags are a cross between a large purse and a small handbag. When you’re out and about, they are essential, particularly if you’re wearing leggings or a dress without pockets. They are the perfect and stylish repository for your keys, tissues, lip balm, and other essentials.

1. Strathberry

You can find Strathberry’s collection online at and in all their flagship stores in London, Edinburgh, and Shanghai. Their latest collection marks a fresh start with an exciting multitude of striking colorways and exclusive designs, bringing the Scottish brand’s creativity and attention to detail to a new level.

Capturing the feeling of placid calm after a storm, the new line conveys a profound spirit of universally felt renewal, imbued with optimism and joyous hope for the future. The natural color palette of warm earthy tones and soft sunrise pinks brings a sense of visual gentleness, with fresh and understated hues chosen to not only complement Strathberry’s signature shapes but also give them a luxe and chic edge.

The Lana Nano Bucket Bag is one of my favorites, and you can see it pictured above. This small but perfectly formed handbag offers easy access with no annoying flap to get in the way when you open and shut the bag. Instead, a simple, magnetic popper pulls each side of the bag in towards the center to close the bag,

I particularly like the hot pink leather detailing and piping on this bag plus the Strathbrry logo is present throughout, on the leather, and on the metal detailing.

What I also like about Strathberry is the array of styles of these mini handbags, so you can pick your nano bag in whatever style you like best.

2. Strathberry

It is the huge variety of Strathberry’s mini handbags that keeps me coming back. My other favorite mini handbag is the Lana Osette which comes with well-designed loop straps for holding the bag and an additional shoulder strap in case you want to pop it on your shoulder.

This bag pulls in at the center like a super stylish mini sack, using a leather pull tie. Once again, it is perfect for storing your small items if you don’t have a pocket. The other fun thing about this bag is that it happily sits upright due to its square base, which means it’s ideal for popping on the passenger seat when you’re driving, without the worry of it toppling over and your essentials falling out.

3. Burberry

Burberry has a range of very small designer handbags called pocket bags. These circular bags have a zip on the top and come with a strap to wear over your shoulder. The designs on the leather include the classic Burberry check as well as circular writing which makes them look a bit like Nivea hand cream with a strap!

4. Gucci

I love the Ken Scott Dionysus super mini floral-print leather shoulder bag by Gucci. What girl doesn’t like floral patterns! This one will undoubtedly lift your day!

5. Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne offers up a range of metallic chainmail mini bags. Much like a knight going into battle, your chainmail bag will carry everything you need to fight your way through to the end of the evening.

6. Gucci

We all love a bit of Gucci but their pocket bags bear a striking resemblance to the Burberry bag, or perhaps the Burberry bag bears a resemblance to the Gucci. Either way, these quilted cylindrical bags are gorgeous but lack an innovative and unique design of the Strathberry bags.

7. Loewe

Loewe’s puzzle nano leather shoulder bag is rather nice and offers up a patchwork design of interlocking leather with a chain shoulder strap. It is useful and looks extremely voguish.

8. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has designed a bright green Mini Bulb gathered “intrecciato” leather shoulder bag. While undoubtedly stylish, it reminds me of a homemade 60’s hippy crocheted bag and without any obvious branding, might just be mistaken for one.

9. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s perforated vegetarian leather shoulder bag is rather plain although it does have Stella McCartney on the material strap which is a nice touch. I love that this is a vegetarian bag but it doesn’t inspire me.

10. Gucci

I finish with the Gucci GG Marmont mini quilted leather bucket bag. It is nice golden G’s on it so everyone will know it is Gucci and it comes in black which will go with everything so this bag gets the thumbs up from me!

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