The Most Beautiful Flight Attendants In The World


New Year is a time for re-evaluating your life, for looking back at the (rather terrible) year we have just gone through, and looking forward to a better year ahead. It is also a time for top 10 lists, be it top 10 gifts, top 10 toys or in the travel world, best hotels and airlines, and anything else associated with the airline industry. In this article, we look at the most beautiful flight attendants in the world, as picked by various blogs and news outlets.

We are always skeptical of putting together this kind of article because it is, after all, what’s inside that counts. That said, we think that a look at some lovely flight attendants and their inspiring travels might be just the ticket to cheer us all up at the end of a less than perfect year.

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1. Mabel Goo

Harking back to times when travel was easy, one of the most famous flight attendants was Mabel Goo a stunning Chinese flight attendant who was made famous by George Wong who took a photo of her as she handed out crisps from the snack trolley.

2. International Fly Guy

International Fly Guy describes himself as a “an American boy living in the Middle Eastern world. I’ve traded the simple life to become a jetsetting nomad”. He certainly has an inspiring Instagram feed.

3. Svitlana

Svitlana is a Ukrainian flight attendant based in Dubai (DXB). Her Instagram account shares beautiful photos showcasing her travels and her jaunts to beaches around the world.

4. You Decide

Our last choice is a selection of hundreds of stunning flight attendants which are featured on the Instagram account cabin crew beauties.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we hope that some of these accounts inspire your own travels in 2021.

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