Secrets About Airline Stewardess Uniforms


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I recently came across an article about the top 10 secrets about Singapore Airlines Stewardesses’ uniforms. While there are some interesting facts within the article such as how these stewardesses stay warm, I am not sure they are secrets as such.

Flight attendant uniforms have evolved over the years and it’s not just Singapore Airlines that showcases beautiful uniforms. Turkish Airlines is known to have one of the most gorgeous uniforms in the sky today.

Uniforms on planes range from the functional American Airlines uniforms right through to the bikini airline with their rather unusual marketing strategy of employing bikini girls to parade up and down their planes occasionally.

With the mask-wearing and social distancing of 2020, more recent headlines about airline uniforms focus on covering up. The Qatar Airways full-body protection uniform was one of the first Airlines to hit the headlines with full-body protection.

I would argue that it’s not the uniform, it’s what’s inside that counts. A warm and attentive flight attendant who actually cares will influence my airline choice and it’s the amusing pilots that keep me flying on British Airways, regardless of their downgrade of other features on board.

My favorite all-time flight attendant has a rather uninspiring uniform but he undoubtedly draws in custom for Westjet. This incredible guy should be on stage…


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