Best Priority Pass Lounge At Washington Dulles Airport


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Dulles has four Priority Pass lounges, all a short walk from each other. The best Priority Pass lounge at Washington Dulles airport is the Turkish Airlines lounge, as it never shuts to Priority Pass passengers and offers great food. The British Airways, Air France, and Virgin Atlantic lounges are all great lounges. Still, they are only open to Priority Pass cardholders for a limited time, and all three downgrade their food and drink offering when Priority Pass Passengers can access these lounges.

We have already reviewed the best executive or club lounges in Washington DC.

Free Airport Lounge Access

If you have not paid for Business Class or First Class, you can access airport lounges for free if you have an unlimited Priority Pass or an Amex Platinum card. To get extra bonus referral points and advice on the Platinum American Express and other free lounge access credit cards, have a read of our best credit cards for luxury travel.

1. Turkish Airlines Lounge, Concourse B

The Turkish Airlines lounge is a small airport lounge, but it has a huge advantage over all the other Priority Pass lounges at Washington Dulles. You can access this lounge whenever you like, and the food and drink offerings remain consistent throughout the day. In the other Priority Pass lounges at Washington Dulles, the food and drink on offer are severely reduced when the lounge is opened up to Priority Pass members, which is a huge disappointment.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge is divided into seating, work, and dining areas. Turkish Airlines’ Business Class passengers can use this lounge along with premium travelers on other Star Alliance carriers. This lounge is open from 6:00 am – 11:00 pm daily. Unlike some other Priority Pass lounges at IAD, this lounge is open to Priority Pass customers for the whole duration of the day.

The lounge’s look is stylish with a hint of Turkey, and there’s a bowl of complimentary Turkish delight at the entrance, which you will love (or hate depending on your tastes). The buffet offers good food with plenty of cold items, two hot soups; tomato and lentil, fresh bread, and hot spinach and cheese pastries. This food the best spread of any Priority Pass lounge at Washington Dulles.

Under the counter are two refrigerators containing canned sodas and bottled waters. There are also complimentary alcoholic drinks, snacks in jars, including cookies and nuts, which you can help yourself to.

The seating in the lounge is reportedly a little worn, but on the bright side, there are floor-to-ceiling on one side of this lounge, which is great for watching the planes. There’s also a prayer room, bathrooms, and a shower.

2. Air France- KLM lounge, Concourse A

The recently renovated Air France – KLM lounge is located in Concourse A. This Air France KLM Lounge can be accessed by Business Class and First Class passengers with a same-day boarding pass for an Air France or KLM international flight and Korean Air and Aeroflot international flights. Economy passengers can buy a same-day pass. This lounge is also free at certain times if you have a Priority Pass.

The look inside this lounge is smart with double-height floor-to-ceiling windows to one side, and everything has a rounded theme with a rounded buffet area and lighting features. You can order alcoholic drinks at a manned bar, and soft drinks are available from fridges. There is also a food buffet and a shower and printer in this lounge.

3. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Concourse B

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is open to Upper-Class passengers and Flying Club Gold members. Priority Pass members can also access this lounge but only at certain times. You cannot get into this lounge with your Priority Pass during the hours Virgin is operating.

This lounge is light and bright with funky wall designs and great views. There is a feature spiral staircase that makes the room look more interesting. It has a very small and uninteresting space at the top of the stairs.

The lounge has an excellent dining offering during the times when Virgin passengers can use the lounge and reduced food and drink offering at other times. During the Priority Pass hours, the food and drink is nowhere near as good.

The Priority Pass breakfast buffet features cold cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruit, yogurt, croissants, bagels, and egg sandwiches made to order. Drinks are still decent and include coffee (out of a jug, not barista), tea, orange juice, beer, water, and ginger ale.

Later in the day, once the Virgin flight disappears, the excellent buffet and the a la carte menu disappear and are replaced with a less exciting buffet.

If you want to use your Priority Pass to access this lounge, it’s worth noting that the food and the coffee during the Priority Pass hours aren’t great, and there are no showers in this lounge. Some would describe the decor as gaudy and overly bright.

Don’t assume you can get in with your Priority Pass and stay when the Virgin passengers arrive, and the food and drink offering is better. Once it hits the time for the Virgin passengers to use the lounge, Priority Pass members are asked to leave. Yes, you will be chucked out.

4. British Airways Galleries Lounge and the First Lounge, Concourse B

The British Airways Galleries Lounge is also a Priority Pass lounge but is only open to Priority Pass cardholders at certain times. If you visit this lounge before an American Airlines flight, it’s worth knowing that AA’s gates are just a short walk away. The British Airways gates are also nearby.

There is a food buffer, and fridges containing soft drinks and beer are opposite the food. Spirits can be ordered from the bartender. An espresso machine is good for making drinks, and there is a small business center with workstations.

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