Best British Airways Airport Lounge At LAX


If you are flying out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on British Airways, you will need to know the best LAX airport lounge you can get into. Your lounge access depends on your class of flight, which airline you are flying with, and your status with an alliance like Oneworld, Skyteam, or Star Alliance.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the largest airport hubs in the United States, with nine terminals. It has a large number of airport lounges, but which lounge is best if you are flying in on British Airways?

Most international airlines fly out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX, but some leave or arrive at terminals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. It is worth noting LAX’s terminal buildings are connected airside, so you can walk or shuttle between airport lounges if you’re flying out of a different terminal from the lounge that you want to use.

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Free Airport Lounge Access

If you have not paid for Business Class or First Class, you can access airport lounges for free if you have an unlimited Priority Pass or an Amex Platinum card. To get extra bonus referral points and advice on the Platinum American Express and other free lounge access credit cards, have a read of our best credit cards for luxury travel.

1. Qantas First Class Lounge, Tom Bradley International Terminal

The Qantas International First Lounge is one of the best airport lounges at LAX. It is located after security on Level 5 of Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. While this is not a British Airways airport lounge, if you have high enough elite status or are flying in First Class, you can access this lounge when flying on BA.

You can access this lounge if you are:

  • Flying in first class on Qantas (one guest is allowed)
  • You are a Platinum One or Platinum frequent flyer with Qantas and your next flight is Qantas or Oneworld (one guest is allowed)
  • You are a Oneworld Emerald frequent flyer traveling on Oneworld (one guest is allowed)
  • American Airlines elites traveling on North American flights, except Mexico City, don’t have access
  • Your next onward flight that day is in International First on Oneworld (one guest is allowed)

This airport lounge is spacious with plenty of seating and conference rooms that can be reserved. The Qantas First Class lounge has self-serve soft and alcoholic drinks, but it doesn’t have a buffet. Food is delivered as table service, restaurant-style, with freshly prepared foods from a seasonal menu. The salt and pepper squid and the coconut chicken salad comes highly recommended, but all the food in this lounge is excellent. There are also some snacks like crisps in one of the self-serve drinks areas.

Near the dining area, there’s a long bar with spirits, cocktails, and coffees, etc. You can order drinks at the bar or from servers in the dining area or self-serve them in the lounge seating areas.

It is worth noting that there is no complimentary spa, there are no sleeping areas, and that there are no workstations in this lounge.

2. Oneworld Alliance lounge, Tom Bradley International Terminal

This massive lounge is open to Business Class passengers on Qantas, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways, Iberia, and LATAM. Other passengers who can access this lounge include Oneworld Emerald or Sapphire members and those flying Business Class or First Class on a Oneworld airline (although most travelers would be wise to use the Qantas First Class Lounge if they are traveling in First).

This is a stylish lounge with muted lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows to one side. In fact, there are some rather good reclining seats with footstools next to the windows that are great for watching planes.

There’s a hot and cold buffet with a juicer and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. There are salads, including Caesar and mango salads, plus there are plenty of cakes and muffins. Self-serve wine, beer, and spirits are set out. For soft drinks, you can pick from tea and coffee, as well as sodas from a machine, including Fanta, Sprite, Coca Cola, and Diet Coke.

There are also shower suites and workstations with computers.

3. American Airlines Flagship Club, Terminal 4

If you don’t want to use the Oneworld lounge, you can also access the American Airlines Admirals Club Lounges if you have a same-day boarding pass for American, Alaska, or other Oneworld partners, including British Airways. The American Airlines lounges may not be convenient for your BA flight, and the Oneworld lounge is just as good, but it is worth knowing your options!

One of the best American Airlines Admirals Club Lounges can be found in Terminal 4, LAX. This Admirals Club is reviewed in position five and is next door to the American Airlines Flagship Lounge, with Flagship First Dining, which is the best American Airlines lounge at LAX.

You can access the American Airlines Flagship Club, Terminal 4 at LAX if you are:

  • Traveling on qualifying Oneworld long-haul international first and business class flight on the same day
  • Traveling in First Class or Business Class on American’s premium transcontinental routes, including from Los Angeles to New York
  • American Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Platinum members traveling on a qualifying Oneworld international flight, regardless of the class of travel
  • Non-American AAdvantage Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members traveling on any Oneworld flight (even domestic)
  • Concierge Key member traveling on any American flight

This lounge is located just past security, across from gate 40, and is open daily from 5:00 – 2:00 am. Outside it is labeled American Airlines Flagship Lounge on a big sign. You can’t miss it! Once inside, the Flagship Lounge is to your left, and the American Airlines Admirals Club can be found to your right.

This club is divided into two The Admirals Admirals Club on one side and The Flagship Club on the other. The Flagship Club is an option for those with First Class and Business Class tickets. The Admirals Club tends to be used by those flyers with day passes and other memberships.

The lounge is large at 14,500 square feet, including the Flagship First Dining area that’s only available to passengers traveling in First Class on a three-cabin aircraft.

The lounge has decor in the entrance that reminds me of a piano with black and white keys on the wall (perhaps this is just my head?) and offers semicircle windows overlooking the concourse. Beyond this is the best area in this lounge, in my opinion, which is the area right at the end. This area has huge angled floor-to-ceiling windows on one side and more floor-to-ceiling windows at the end, so this is a corner of massive windows where you can just watch the planes.

Further along, there is a large bar with fun bobbly lighting hanging above it and bar stools set against it. This is a self-serve bar, and it has sections containing a huge variety of alcoholic drinks, including Bollinger Champagne, right from first thing in the morning! There are also cans of soft drinks, pretty much every flavor you could want.

Food-wise, for breakfast, there is a hot buffet with fried potatoes and eggs, and there is a cold buffet area with bread, bagels, smoked salmon, salad, cold cuts, cheeses, cut fruit, etc. Best of all, there is an omelet station where you can order an omelet as you like with any filling you like (there are bowls of tomatoes, cheese, onions, etc., filling to choose from).

This lounge also has a business area and showers as well as a la carte Flagship First table service room with extensive dining that is always impressive and filling. There are also plenty of power outlets and USB ports to enable you to charge up.

4. Admirals Club, Terminal 5

This lounge is a relatively new lounge that opened in 2017, and this Terminal 5 lounge is larger than the Terminal 4 lounge. Both are excellent AA Admirals Club lounges, and it is hard to choose between them in terms of which is best.

The Admirals Club lounge, Terminal 5, is nice looking with artwork on the walls and autumnal grey, brown, and red hues in the decor. Parts of the ceiling have intricate designs, and there are cool paper airplane designs made out of metal stuck on some of the walls. There are all sorts of seats along with business pods to work at connected to a printer, and there are loads of charging and USB points.

The cold buffet is similar to the options in the Terminal 4 lounge, with breakfast which includes bread, bagels, smoked salmon, salad, cold cuts, cheeses, cut fruit, etc. Later in the day, there are complimentary light bites which include tomatoes, carrots, olives, and edamame, as well as pasta salad, chips, and chicken. There’s also made-to-order guacamole and avocado toast with prosciutto in the morning.

The dining area also has a staffed bar with complimentary wine, house spirits, and beer, as well as premium beverages for a fee. There’s an espresso machine, self-serve soda, tea, juice, and water.

Beyond the buffet, there are more chairs and tables, all with a great view of the planes. Finally, there is fast Wi-Fi, and there are showers in this lounge too.

5. Admirals Club, Terminal 4

The second-best American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge can be found in Terminal 4, LAX. This lounge is only marked down into a position below this one because it is not large. While this Admirals Club is the not largest AA lounge at LAX, it has a great design with great food and drinks. This Admirals Club Lounge is next door to a Flagship Lounge, with Flagship First Dining (reviewed above in position one).

This small but excellent lounge is located just past security, across from gate 40, and is open daily from 5:00 – 2:00 am. Outside it is labeled American Airlines Flagship Lounge on a big sign. You can’t miss it!

Once inside, the Flagship Lounge is to your left, and the American Airlines Admirals Club can be found to your right. The Admirals Club is an interesting-looking lounge with lots of interesting curved ceiling detailing and angled windows offering a great view of the planes. There’s plenty of sofa seating and cafe-style seating in the buffet area.

Further along, there are high seats by the bar and a long shared table for working on with lots of seats around it. Most of the lounge is long and thin, with the windows running up one side, so there are plenty of opportunities to pick a seat overlooking the planes. Beyond this room, there are more rooms with snacks and views and seats, including a lounge with comfy seats and two big TVs. There’s also a kid’s room. There are showers in this lounge too. There are also plenty of power outlets and USB ports to enable you to charge up.

The main buffet has a tea and coffee machine with a soda fountain. There is plenty of food at breakfast, including cake, bread (next to a toasting machine), oatmeal, fresh fruit, hardboiled eggs, avocado toast, and yogurt, which is surrounded by bowls of fruit including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and melon.

Lunch and dinner options include hummus, pasta salad, fresh fruit and veggies, cheese and crackers, crisps, and soup. If you are still hungry, the lounge also offers a paid menu too. There’s also made-to-order guacamole and avocado toast with prosciutto in the morning.

At the bar, there is free beer, wine, and house spirits. Premium liquor is chargeable.

6. Admirals Club, American Eagle Terminal

This comparatively tiny Admirals Club lounge at LAX is located across from gates 52D and 52E in the American Eagle Terminal and is ideal if you are waiting for an American Eagle region flight. It has all the essentials; comfy chairs, televisions, free Wi-Fi, a business center with printers, free soft and alcoholic drinks, and a food buffet. Power outlets and USB ports are numerous too.

The buffet is smaller than the buffet offered in the Admirals Club lounges in Terminals 4 and 5, but it is decent with a soda fountain. There is also a bar with a bartender who will serve house alcoholic drinks for free or premium drinks for a small extra fee.

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