10 Best Ways To Get Free Or Discounted Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge Access


Marriott Platinum members do not get free access to Ritz-Carlton club lounges. In fact, there is no way to get free access to Ritz-Carlton club lounges, but there are several ways to get a better deal on your next Ritz-Carlton booking and to get free benefits added in for no extra charge. This way, you might free up some extra cash to spend on that club lounge access.

When deciding which hotel to choose for your stay, it is sensible to consider the added extras provided by a hotel club lounge. Offerings usually include complimentary drinks and snacks throughout the day, breakfast in the morning, and evening cocktails with canapés. The evening food and drink offering is often more than enough to replace the need to go out for the evening.

Most Ritz-Carlton club lounges are open 24/7, and the concierge team is usually there and can organize your day between 7:00 am – 10:00 pm. There are actually five culinary offerings presented throughout the day: breakfast, lunch, light snack, Hors d’Oeuvre, desserts, candies, and cordials with alcoholic beverages served throughout the day. As well as complimentary pressing daily for two garments per room.

If you have Marriott Platinum status, you are unlikely to get a free upgrade to a club-level room at a Ritz-Carlton hotel. Ritz-Carlton, unlike St. Regis, does not offer Marriott elites free breakfast, and Platinum elites are not eligible for suite upgrades. Only Titanium and Ambassador elites get this privilege. These reduced elite benefits may be a reason to choose the equally luxurious St. Regis brand of hotels over a Ritz-Carlton hotel if both are available in your chosen destination.

You can get incredible free benefits on your next stay if you book your next Ritz-Carlton (or St Regis or Luxury Collection) stay with a Ritz-Carlton Stars travel agency like our luxury travel concierge. We offer free upgrades, free breakfasts, and free perks at hotels, including the Four Seasons, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, InterContinental, and more. You do not need elite status to get these benefits. These benefits are available from your very first stay.

Typically, our free benefits at luxury hotels include:

  • Room upgrade to next category
  • Complimentary breakfast for two per bedroom
  • Complimentary Welcome Gift
  • $100 USD equivalent Hotel experiential credit per room per stay
  • Early check-in / late check-out (subject to availability)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

Here is our pick of the 10 best ways to get a discount at Ritz-Carlton hotels so that you have some spare cash to spend on club lounge access:

1. Book With A Luxury Travel Agent For Extra Benefits

As outlined above, you can take advantage of free loyalty style benefits from your very first stay at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts simply by booking with a luxury travel agent. You will still get your loyalty points and your free status benefits if you book with us, and we can add in some extra benefits for you too.

2. Book Early

Many Ritz-Carlton hotels run at a very high occupancy rate. I therefore regularly recommend clients who book their stays with our luxury travel concierge to book as soon as the rates come out. It is simply not worth holding out for a last-minute discount as these magical discounts don’t exist.

The key to getting the best rates at almost every Ritz-Carlton is to book as soon as you can, so you can secure the room that you actually want while paying the cheapest possible rate for your room. Booking in advance will not always get you a discount, but it will stop you from paying over the odds at the last minute, as you will be able to book into the room that you actually want.

3. Book Discounted Advance Purchase Rates

If you are booking in advance and are very sure of your dates, you can take advantage of advance purchase discounted rates. This is one of the few ways to get you a cheaper room. You MUST be sure of your dates, though, because once you have booked in, there are no refunds on most advance purchase rates, so if you can’t make it, you won’t get your money back!

4. Use Your Marriott Bonvoy Points

While you can’t use Marriott Bonvoy points to upgrade to a club-level room at a Ritz-Carlton for free, you can use them to pay for your basic room rate and then pay to upgrade to a club room. This is a nice way to access their executive club lounges for less.

5. Look Out For New Properties

Brilliant new Ritz-Carlton hotels are opening all the time. Properties that have only recently opened often offer nice discounted deals.

6. Stay Shorter

It sounds obvious when you say out loud, but I would prefer 3 nights at an expensive Ritz-Carlton rather than a week at a bog-standard resort. Do one night and take advantage of our early check-in / late check-out rather than spending 2 nights somewhere less exciting.

7. Pick The Cheapest Properties

It doesn’t matter how luxurious the Ritz-Carlton brand is. Some parts of the world are simply cheaper than others. We have looked at the cheapest Ritz-Carlton hotels separately to give you some inspiration. The cheaper the hotel, the more money you will have spare to spend on the ridiculously good Ritz-Carlton club

8. Use Corporate Promo Codes

There ARE special corporate promo discount codes, so if you are an employee of a company like Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, IBM, or the government, you might be able to take advantage of these discounts. Still, these codes are not widely available to the general public. In addition, the discount may not be as good as the free benefits offered by our luxury travel concierge. We suggest asking for a free quote so you can compare prices and benefits and get the full picture before booking.

9.Book In The Lower Season Or On Sundays

Sunday nights are almost always cheaper than Saturday nights at luxury hotels like Ritz-Carlton. Many guests want to stay for the weekend, so staying on unpopular nights can half the cost of your stay.

10. Take Expert Advice

We’re here to help. Our luxury travel concierge team will share their travel knowledge of when and where to go to take advantage of the best Four Seasons offers and discounts. We can help make your next stay even better!

Note: Benefits offered correct at the time of writing but may be amended at discretion of the vendor. Posts may be sponsored by the proprietor or brand being appraised. All opinions remain our own & are in no way influenced.