Horrifying Result Of Covid-19: What You Could See On Your Next Flight


Airlines are changing their passenger requirements and are even looking into amending their seat designs in the wake of Covid-19. As an example, facial coverings are now mandatory when flying with Lufthansa Group.

It feels almost unreal to look back to just afew months ago, when the nightmare Economy interior looked like this:

Post the Covid-19 apocalypse, proposed airline interiors have taken on a whole new level of strangeness:

In this design, each seat is surrounded by a high shield that prevents the “breath propagation to occupants of adjacent seats.” It seems likely that some airlines will be amending their interiors as well as their policies. So your next inflight experience might look like the picture above.

Following from the change in seat design, these are the new uniforms which have been designed for some Asian airline cabin crew:

One interesting fact that has been highlight by many of the airlines, and was highlighted to me yesterday by Lufthansa, is that in-flight onboard filters provide air quality similar to an operating room.

“…all Lufthansa Group aircraft are equipped with the highest quality air filters, which guarantee air quality similar to that in a clinical operating room. The recirculated air is filtered, removing contaminants such as dust, bacteria and viruses.”

This is very different to cruise ship airconditioning systems which have been highlighted as potentially promoting rapid coronavirus spread.

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