5 Best Homeware Essentials

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If you are preparing a dinner party or just want to enjoy eating at home that little bit more, it is important to create wonderful food but also to enjoy the ideal surroundings for your dining, with the very best homeware essentials.

I suggest using the same concept that is used on First Class flights. The food is usually incredible in First Class but the setting is just as important. The crisp white linen tablecloth, the bone china to sip your tea from, the cut-glass tumbler for your spirits, and the beautiful wine glasses for your wine. Crockery and cutlery are also extremely important if you are wanting to create a luxurious ambiance. With this in mind, we have picked our 5 best homeware essentials, that you simply must have, to recreate a fine dining experience in your home.

1. VERA PURE Cutlery & Glassware

I start with the presentation of your meal, which includes using beautiful cutlery and glassware to decorate your table. My top choice for cutlery and glassware is VERA PURE.

VERA PURE is a family-run high-end design company that offers a single, exclusive line of luxury glassware and silverware. It was founded in 1997 by Vera Purtscher, an Austrian-Swiss architect and designer. Today, Vera’s innovative yet timeless tableware creations are her bow towards the culinary arts with the mission to help bring the fine dining experience to perfection.

We particularly love Vera’s MoonLashes Cutlery. It is stunning. Her ambition was to create cutlery that lies perfectly in the hand. This consequently led to left-handers’ and right-handers’ versions of the spoons and forks. This wonderful range came to the market in 2002 and MoonLashes quickly grabbed the attention of top chefs and restaurateurs, making a name for Vera as a designer and winning new customers.

Today, Vera combines her design experience with fine dining industry insights and although VERA PURE is not the largest company in this niche market, it does, however, offer exacting standards, exclusivity, and a high degree of innovation.

Recently Vera has added to her offering with her latest, stunning design collection: a luxury glassware called: SinStella, which aims to reduce the chances of glass breakage with an innovative new design.

This glassware has been created from the world’s purest crystal unprecedented in brilliance and shine and perfectly reflecting rainbow colors has been used for the outstanding SinStella rock crystals collection. With the bowl separated from the foot and the stem, implemented to bring the glass breakage to the minimum, SinStella provides creative chefs with a tool for an extravagant presentation of food and drinks.

2. Panasonic Bread Maker

If you are looking for a homeware essential that will wow your guests, look no further than a breadmaker. There is nothing like starting off a great meal than with great bread. Make your bread with love and a good recipe book and you can use this essential to make your pre-starter divine.

3. Villeroy & Boch Crockery

Much of my childhood was spent in Belgium, so I feel a personal love for Villeroy & Boch crockery. They do classy plain plates and beautiful serving plates which is essential to make your meal look nice.

4. John Lewis Table Cloth

It may be a little middle-England but you can’t go wrong with a John Lewis table cloth. They have loads of choice in terms of design and they offer a classy way to dress your table.

5. Amazon Jar Opener

Have you have ever found yourself stuck with a jar of something you want to use, but you can’t get the blasted jar open, I have your answer. It’s probably the simplest and yet most useful gadget in my kitchen (after my breadmaker!). You can pick them up from Amazon and they are an absolute essential for any kitchen.

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