10 Reasons Why Hawaii Offers A Safer Vacation In A Coronavirus World


Hawaii has had some of the lowest rates of coronavirus in the US, and whilst no destination can currently guarantee to be completely free of Covid-19, Hawaii is doing much better than many other holiday destinations.

In fact, their mandatory 14-day quarantine for all arrivals, which will stay in place through June, should maintain low rates of Covid-19 and will probably encourage visitors to come to the state, as they will think of Hawaii as a safe place.

Before Coronavirus, in 2019, Hawaii received a record-breaking 10 million tourists. Why did they go? Let’s visit some of the many reasons that so many people took their vacation in Hawaii, and let’s also look at why it may be a great place to return in a coronavirus world.

My first 5 reasons to go to Hawaii are relevant regardless of the virus. My second 5 reasons explain why I think it offers one of your safer vacation destinations in a coronavirus world.

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1. Beaches

Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world. Hawaii also has some of the safest beaches in the world. Horrid creatures like box jellyfish don’t tend to congregate around these islands. You can take a dip in the sparkling ocean without too much to worry about.

2. Convenience

Whether you are a citizen or a permanent resident of the USA, you don’t need a passport when traveling within the United States.

3. Beachfront Hotels

Hawaii has some incredible beachfront hotels. Take a read of our best Four Seasons in Hawaii and our best luxury hotels on Maui and in Waikiki to find out which are the best hotels to pick.

4. Aloha Magic

Hawaii is magical. From the moment a lei is put around your neck, you will feel in the holiday mood. The culture is welcoming, and the sunshine and swaying palms put everyone in a great mood.

5. Weather

Hawaii is warm. The weather is always warm whenever you go, even when it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Hawaii is the perfect place to escape the winter.

6. Quarantine

Hawaii’s stringent quarantine policies have kept rates of Covid-19 lower on the islands, making them a safer destination when compared to other possible vacation spots. Right now, the 14-day quarantine remains in place, but this will eventually be lifted, and travelers will be able to visit these wonderful islands once again.

7. Contact Tracing

Testing, contact tracing, and isolation methods will be bolstered before the state allowed tourists to come back.

8. Airport Screening

The future screening process for arrivals to Hawaii’s airports includes a $36 million USD investment in airport temperature cameras, which will help to ensure that fewer arrivals into Hawaii are infected.

9. Outdoor Lifestyle

A huge number of bars, restaurants, and social spaces are outside rather than indoors in Hawaii. Even their main Ala Moana mall is mainly outdoors. This means that disease is less likely to spread.

10. Possible Coronavirus Test For Incomers

Reports in The Guardian newspaper have suggested that the state of Hawaii is considering asking vacationers to take a coronavirus test before flying to Hawaii. Individuals who share their negative results with the state could then have the 14-day quarantine waived.

While nowhere in the world is 100% guaranteed to be safe right now (neither is getting to a car or flying), Hawaii is certainly one of the safer destinations for your next vacation.

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