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What Globetrotters Can Do During Covid-19 Isolation


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With cases of COVID-19 spreading around the world and affecting over 185 countries, many governments are requiring their residents to self-quarantine and practice social distancing. Amidst this international crisis, the hardest hit industries include, first and foremost, the travel industry and are closely followed by the hospitality, shipping, technology, and energy industries according to KMOX News Radio.

With travel and movement restrictions becoming the new norm, here are a few activities that travel junkies and frequent travelers can engage in until they can be on the roads again:

1. Create a Wishlist

Make a plan for yourself about things you want to do after the effect of the novel coronavirus lessens and you are able to travel again. Take this time to make a wish list of places you want to visit, or create an empty scrapbook waiting to be filled with your future endeavors. You can also prepare a journal for when you are free to travel again.
If you choose to do any of these, do not forget to include the top activities you would like to do in any of the destinations on your list including where to eat, which sports to partake in, which cities to visit, how to travel in the area, and how long you want to spend at your destination. If you do most of the research now, you will save time in the future and will be ready to travel to your next destination.

2. Learn a Language

Partner with your remote friends and challenge each other to learn a new language and explore a new culture. Many websites are offering free language courses during the outbreak as demand for online connectivity increases. If you are forgetful about your new course, you can set a daily reminder to keep you on track and help you stay dedicated in finishing a course.

3. Geography with Kids

As you spend more time at home, teach your children geography and spend more time teaching them about the wonders and beauty of the world. They will not only have more appreciation for what the world has to offer, but also learn how to respect different cultures, learn about different environments, and be more enthusiastic about traveling.
Many websites are offering geography lessons, videos and resources, list of activities to do in your own home that can help wildlife, quizzes and trivia, and online film festivals to help your child stay engaged. Use these resources to motivate and prepare your child for any future travels.

4. Binge-watch Documentaries and Travel Shows

Although you cannot travel physically to places, nothing stops you from discovering new destinations, cultures and sites. Most streaming services and cable channels carry a fair amount of quality documentaries and travel shows. To start, here is a list of 24 binge-worthy travel shows any globetrotters will love:

5. Multiplayer Games

With a little more free time on your hands, you are able to spend more time connecting with people whether it is friends or people you meet online. If you are feeling disconnected from others during this period of self-isolation, many gaming websites are multiplayer and can connect you with users around the world. Through such websites, you can learn to be more mindful about cultural differences based on how others chat and use different symbols while communicating.

6. Live Concerts and Music

Traveling is not the only way to hear your favorite artist or band play a selection of your favorite music, you can still enjoy live concerts and music from your own home. Many websites are offering concerts online, celebrities are performing through social media to help their fans through this tough period, and many websites are offering free viewings and live streaming of their orchestra, theatrical performances, choir, and music. Follow your favorite artist or band on social media to see how they are staying in touch with their fans and if they are holding any live sessions that you can tune in from home.

7. International Recipes

Staying at home is the perfect time to create your very own cookbook of international recipes and try some of them as well. You now have some time to look up how to make different recipes, try to replicate it at home, and also learn about how they became a part of the culture of your destination. Enjoy these dishes while viewing some of your old photos or memories from your trip to relive the moment or while watching a travel documentary to feel closer to the destination!

8. Virtual Tours

Virtual tours create enthusiasm, help keep children engaged, and are a great way to learn when you cannot physically visit a place. Many museums, theme parks, art galleries, aquariums, farms, zoos, historical landmarks, and national parks offer virtual tours of their facilities that you can partake in directly from your couch. This website includes various links to a few virtual tours that you can enjoy with your children.

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