Top 10 Best Travel Essentials

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Let’s face it, when traveling you want to be comfortable yet stylish – perhaps with a hint of luxury thrown in to help make the journey more agreeable. If you’re anything like me, it’s all too easy to squeeze too much into your hand luggage that you aren’t actually going to use, or isn’t always practical to use if you are squished up in the likes of a car, or airplane seat for hours on end. So what are the top 10 best travel essentials for your next trip?

Here is our guide to the very best travel companions that you really can’t do without, no matter what your mode of transport. Everything to make your journey as comfortable and practical as possible, not forgetting stylish as you head off to your next travel destination.

1. New SleepX Neckrest

Gone are the days of lugging about a bulky neckrest full of beans, or having to huff and puff to inflate a squeaky neckrest that your head will inevitably fall out of anyway. The new SleepX Neckrest is the answer to your prayers as it is not only lightweight and compact, but it safely supports your head from the front; thus preventing the inevitable nodding dog look when you travel.

With its cozy cushion that rests under your chin, the SleepX Neckrest is THE head and neck support that allows you to get a decent bit of sleep when you are in a seated upright position. I personally struggle with backache and so this travel essential is perfect as its patented ergonomic design helps to maintain correct neck posture. It’s comfortable to wear and you don’t succumb to overheating around the neck as you can get with the likes of neck rolls and cushions. Another great thing is that it comes in three different sizes, it’s also lightweight and really compact in its little bag, so it can easily pop into your cabin luggage. Definitely the ideal companion for travelers wanting some relaxation during their long flight or journey.

2. Both Barrels Shadow Series Thirty Six Designer Holdall and One Wash Bag

Proudly designed and made in Britain, Both Barrels have produced a range of products ranging from their designer backpack and a laptop sleeve to the ever so stylish Shadow Series Thirty Six Designer Holdall and One Wash Bag. Really cleverly designed for the working world and an aesthetically pleasing accompaniment for the business traveler, their products have been developed for over a decade to provide essentials that are not only functional but robust and of unquestionable high quality.

The designer holdall is the perfect women’s or men’s business bag to take if you are planning an overnight stay or even a weekend break. With a really decent 33 liter capacity, its size lends itself to trips of up to 36 hours, hence the name of the holdall! The designer wash bag is luxuriously constructed from dark grey Yorkshire wool, concealing a contrasting purple cotton lining within. It’s a good-sized bag so you can fit a fair amount of bits in it and actually find them when you want them – the mesh inside pocket is also perfect for storing anything you want easy access to when you are traveling.

3. Luxury Wrap From The Travelwrap Company

The first thing that strikes me with a luxury wrap from The Travelwrap Company, is the care and love that has gone into this product. There is an enormous attention to detail from the word go; starting with the presentation of the wrap in the signature box and of course in the actual beautifully made and designed wrap itself. This can only come from a true piece of craftsmanship, and the fact that it is designed and made in the UK makes it even better! The quality and feel of the sustainably sourced cashmere is just gorgeous. In fine knit, the classic travel wrap is a uniquely rich in color and distinctive in shade. It feels warm and cozy but also lightweight so perfect to bring with you on your travels. With a variety of options in the travel wrap collection to choose from, you are spoilt when deciding which color to choose from as there are plenty of eye-catching options available. Gone are the days of lifting a sweater over my head to make myself warm or comfortable when I’m traveling – these wraps are practical yet luxurious and simply perfect for anyone who is traveling.

4. KIND.SIR Bon Voyage Luggage Tags

I adore the leather personalised luggage tags from KIND.SIR Bon Voyage, as they are not only of great hand-crafted quality, but far more durable than the plasticky ones you can buy and they really do look the part. The best bit is you can personalize them with pretty much anything in a choice of a hand-stamped style or laser etching! You might be thinking of a drab brown leather but you’d be wrong as there are four lovely colors to choose from; Inky Black, Classic Tan, Rich Cognac or Natural Blush – all come with matching leather thonging and enough space to pop four lines of text. A perfectly unique accompaniment to your hand luggage and suitcase.

5. Betty&Bradley Stylish Butterfly Hat Sleep Mask

Made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the Betty&Bradley Stylish Butterfly Hat Sleep Mask is a wonderfully chic yet practical must-have for the luxury traveller. Available in Bordeaux, Noir, Nero, Camo Gold, Camo Black, and Champagne styles, it’s a practical combination of beanie meets moldable sleep mask – when you wear the beanie, the pouch magically transforms into a moldable eye mask! A really clever idea for those journeys that seem to take forever, you can actually enjoy some sleep whilst protecting your head from the airplane seat as well as keep your head draft free from the in-flight air-conditioning. Lined with silk and neoprene, each hat is made from luxuriously soft bamboo cotton that can be washed and hung to dry if needed. A stylish yet comfortable addition to your journey.

6. NoLoGo-chic

With their range of beautiful tunics, kaftans, and sarongs created by Tina Malhame (designer for the likes of Monsoon, Next and Per Una), NoLoGo-chic bring to the luxury traveler comfortable, practical and stylish clothing. Ideal for travel when comfort is key and you don’t want to wear anything too clingy or fussy. The clothing range is made from natural fabrics and features a number of lines with eye-catching block printing, hand embroidery, dip dye and tie-dye techniques unique to the pieces. I’ve taken a special shine to the easy jersey dress – made in England and available in two lengths its ever so flattering, lightweight and comfortable making it just perfect for traveling in.

7. Açores Flores Fragrance

Setting off on my travels I always like to spritz myself with a fragrance that smells fresh but isn’t too overpowering. Açores Flores Fragrance is a new and unique perfume brand by Aqua dos Açores for women and men, created in 2019 that ticks all the boxes for me. It is made from natural raw materials and essential oils including Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Bergamot which gives it the most wonderful floral scent. Responsibly sourced, cruelty-free and vegan friendly it is produced with the environment in mind – just another perfect reason to wear this beautiful fragrance when I’m on the move.

8. TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery

TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery has changed compression stockings beyond belief. Designed by Tomas Reyes, he and his sister Alex Reyes joined forces to create the TRAMPS range which includes a high-waisted and open-toe compression hose (Bryanna) and a hip hugger hose (Jocelynne). With travelers in mind, people who are on their feet a lot or perhaps with bad circulation or varicose veins, these tights are not the thick uncomfortable unfashionable things I had in mind. Instead, you can take your pick from a selection of wonderfully vibrant colors, creative patterns and styles to suit all shapes and sizes making them perfect for when I am going on a long journey without much opportunity to move about too much. There is even a range of compression socks for men! They are also surprisingly comfortable; gentle on the skin and they don’t cause any pinching at the waist when I sit down – perfect when traveling as you forget you are even wearing them.

9. Naughton Braun Jewellery

Naughton Braun specialises in the most delicate and beautiful freshwater pearl jewellery. The White Pearl Earrings, and Pearl Pendant Earrings & Silk Necklace Set are a perfect example of their handcrafted pieces – each individually checked for quality before being shipped. Without looking too over the top, these classically elegant pieces of jewellery are eye-catching and sophisticated; adding a touch of glamour to your travel outfit. The necklaces are also easy to put on thanks to a rare earth silver magnetic clasp – once off you can store them and your earrings safely in the velvet pouch that they come with.

10. Vuliwear Sunglasses

Nothing beats a nice pair of designer sunnies when on your travels. Made in Italy, Vuliwear produce a wide range of non-prescription unisex high-quality sunglasses that provide you with the all-important UVA/UVB ray protection, as well as reducing glare. The lens is the focus here and when you slip these on you immediately notice how clear and crisp things look, so much so that you simply don’t want to take them off. What I like most about them though is their classic aviator frame – it’s lightweight and mirrored and of course they make you look ever so cool!

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