10 Best Places To Buy A Cheap Rolex

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Where are the 10 best places to buy a cheap Rolex watch? Online, at the airport, or perhaps it is even worth flying to a destination with experts specializing in cheap Rolex watches?

Watches are classic style pieces, a representation of your success, elegance, and class. Rolex watches are something a father might pass to his son, and so on. They are one of the few assets that, even in these troubling times, seem to go up in value.

For those who are passionate collectors, a watch can hold historical significance too, much like fine jewelry. And regardless of whether your watch has a history is brand new, there is something very special about buying or being given an opulent, designer accessory like a Rolex.

The problem with buying a cheap Rolex is that there are so many fakes on the market. In this review, I investigate the best and safest way to buy a cheap Rolex watch.

1. Eastern Europe

If you want to buy a cheap and genuine Rolex, it may well be worth traveling abroad to buy your luxury timepiece, as the price can vary according to the country you are in and its exchange rate at the time. With this in mind, Switzerland tends to be a bad place to buy a cheap Rolex.

While buying from a Swiss dealer may guarantee your watch authenticity, the price of the watch with a strong Swiss Franc will be high and will not represent value.

Instead, you need to pick one of the cheapest countries for Rolex watches to ensure that you secure an excellent price. Eastern Europe offers excellent Rolex watches at cheap prices, but there’s often not much choice or range.

Countries that are best for buying a cheap Rolex in Eastern Europe include the Balkans, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Greece. Target locally owned watch retailers for the best price. The problem is that if you far from home, you may be sold a fake. You need to get any watch you buy authenticated and that isn’t easy. Once you’ve left that particular country, you have no recourse or comeback and very little chance of getting your money back if you have bought a fake.

2. Airport Duty-Free

Duty-Free shops at the airport are just one way to beat the system. Buy buying your Rolex Duty-Free, you will be paying less tax and your watch should be cheaper. To the same ends, Duty-Free shops are a great place to buy designer handbags too. I am a regular at Burberry by the British Airways airport lounges at Heathrow T5 (pictured above). Go there just after Christmas and you can pick up a nice Duty-Free handbag in the sale! Of course, Rolex doesn’t tend to offer sales, but it’s still worth getting a small percentage off the price in airport Duty-Free.

3. Japan

It’s sometimes worth traveling to less well known “cheap Rolex destinations” to pick up exactly what you want. The Japanese are huge collectors of vintage timepieces so there are plenty of used watch shops in Japan. You will get an almost unlimited choice of Rolex watches in Japan, plus you can take advantage of a VAT refund that is offered on second-hand watches as well as new ones. The only problem is that Japan isn’t a cheap country to get to or to stay in, even if you book a great deal via our luxury travel concierge, and the Yen is not cheap either so, once you’ve factored in the travel, this may not be the cheapest way to buy a Rolex.

4. Online: Chronoexpert

Have you considered a second-hand Rolex? One that is nearly new. For a genuine watch at an excellent price, a luxury watch retailer like Chronoexpert is an excellent choice. They offer a huge range of watches to purchase online. You will also save airfares if you buy your watch online so you will find that you have more money to play with when finding the perfect Rolex.

If you’re a watch collector or in the market for a luxury watch, Chronoexpert is one of the best global marketplaces for luxury watches, with a huge range of new and pre-owned watches. Their range includes vintage and rare watches, limited pieces and sports watches.

The website offers some of the best-known brands including Breitling, Bvlgari, Cartier, Chanel, Chopard, Omega, and of course, the ever desirable Rolex. Customers can choose from more than 7,000 watches, from crisp Rolex Submariners, Daytonas, and Oysters to Chopard’s Happy Diamonds, all at a fraction of the usual price.

Exclusivity, authenticity, and quality are always guaranteed at Chronoexpert, truly making it the ultimate destination for watch lovers and collectors. This is so essential when there are so many very good fakes on the market.

5. Hong Kong

Hongkong and Singapore also come to mind for high-end watch purchases, but watches are not as cheap as they used to be. In Hong Kong, there are a lot of family-owned second-hand watch shops, so you have a great range of watches to choose from although the prices are more expensive than they used to me.

6. Singapore

In Singapore, there’s not much room for negotiation but the Singaporeans are a materialistic nation that puts value in the status and joy that a luxury watch will bring. A person of a limited salary may wear a Rolex purchased on an installment basis, which is a somewhat precarious way to live, but never fails to impress nonetheless. This means that demand is high for luxury watches and again, once you factor in the travel, you might find the cost of the trip added to the cost of the watch will come out much more than buying closer to home.

7. Spain

Have you ever seen the watch sellers on the Spanish beaches selling Rolex watches straight out of briefcases? I have been accosted by these persistent salesmen at the beaches of the Costa Del Sol, just outside the Marbella Club, and in the backstreets of Tenerife. Please don’t buy your watch from these guys. They aren’t real. Most are embarrassingly bad and most don’t work for long either. Admittedly some of these watches are more convincing than others, but they aren’t the real deal and there is a sense of shame if you get found out.

8. Online: eBay

Howl… Please be very careful if you are considering buying your new Rolex from eBay. Or even a used Rolex from eBay. Unless you are an expert, you are unlikely to know whether the watch you buy is genuine. This is a gamble and you could be gambling with a large amount of cash.

9. Switzerland

Just to re-highlight this common misconception, the best destination to pick up your Rolex at a cheap price is NOT Switzerland! This is, in fact, one of the most expensive countries to buy a Rolex, so don’t plan to buy a Rolex on your next holiday to Switzerland, unless you want to pay over the odds for it.

10. Scandinavia

The Scandinavian countries are also a terrible place to buy a cheap Rolex. In fact, all luxury watch brands are similarly expensive and horribly priced in Scandinavia.


With the worry of purchasing an unauthenticated watch when you travel and the fact that the travel itself costs a great deal (even if you are simply buying a low-cost flight), it makes the most sense to buy your Rolex from a reputable dealer online or the airport Duty-Free.

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