Top 10 Best Luxury Chocolates For Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day is a time for giving something special, unique and thoughtful to the one you love, but it’s hard not to overdo it. You can overdo the cheese, I’m thinking corny fluffy toys. You can overdo the spend with high priced jewellery (although few would complain!). You can overdo the generic-ness with something shop bought that didn’t take much thought. It’s hard to get it right.

My husband used to shower me with flowers when we first met. I loved the first bunch. After that I felt guilty. His generosity resulted in me feeling obliged to look after these pretty but short-lasting plants. Moments after I got them, they seemed to wither and die and I was left scrubbing my vase to get the gunk out of the bottom, while he was left with an empty wallet and little to show for the gift.

What I would have loved, so much more, is something wonderful, unique and most importantly thoughtful, that told me that I was loved in a more original way, without completely emptying his wallet.

Well, I have the solution, chocolate! But not just any chocolate. None of your supermarket boxes that say “I forgot Valentines and just popped into Tesco Metro on the way home”. No pre-packaged Milk Tray (not all ladies love milk tray…). I’m talking about the hand made, carefully crafted chocolate. The chocolate made by talented chocolatiers. Unique shapes and designs that taste amazing and really do say “I Love You”.

1. zChocolat

More than any other day of the year, Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to indulge that special someone with the finer things in life. As you celebrate this February, indulge even more luxury by discovering the finest French chocolates in the world.

zChocolates are the stuff of dreams… the good type. Every single one seems to combine the perfect crunch in the coating with a softer rich interior. They are never sickly and always very chocolatey. It’s hard to put the perfect chocolate into words, but trust me, this is it. You can taste the love that has gone into them, from the moment they enter your mouth. The texture, the flavour, the aftertaste. One is neverenough.

If chocolate were ranked like hotels, I would rate zChocolats as Five Star Lux. They are the Four Seasons and Aman of chocolates. They are that gorgeous boutique hotel you return to every year and never tire of.

Like a fine wine using the best ingredients, these super smooth chocolates are so very delicious, and they come in different sizes of box, so you don’t have to break the bank when you buy them. You can select the colour, the type, the interior. Some boxes are even created in wood, so you could reuse them to store your precious items once the chocolate has gone. A box of these chocolates should fit most budgets, and they really are the best Valentines gift I can think of.

Choose a classy mahogany box filled with chocolate delicacies. You can customize (if you wish) with a personal picture, you can engrave the box with a name or special words. You can add a fitting accessory, write a personal message on the gift card and have it wrapped in their signature paper, all finished off with a luxurious ribbon and 3 initials embossed in a wax seal. Offer this jewel of a present to your loved one to say, “I love you”, containing the best chocolates in the world.

2. Personalize A chocolate heart

Still eating out with my favorite chocolatier in the world, you can now symbolize the love that you share on Valentine’s Day with a sublime praline heart which includes a loving and personal message. The perfect happy Valentine’s Day gift.

Garnish your chocolate heart with a simple tablecloth, topped with a vase of fresh flowers, or perhaps just some scattered rose petals, a few sweet-smelling candles of varying heights and some soft music playing in the background.

Along with each box of chocolates from zChocolat, there is a customizable message card inside the pouch where you can write your loving words. It is so easy to add that extra bit of luxury to your gift this year.

3. 24-karat Gold Chocolate

What could be better than zChocolat’s stunning gold leaf-covered chocolates; hand coated in pure 24-karat gold leaf, these heart-shaped delicacies offer unparalleled luxury that’s sure to sparkle by any candlelight.

4. Can’t decide? Pick an assortment!

Assortments are a very popular choice to celebrate February 14th because you literally can’t go wrong. If your loved on doesn’t like one Valentines chocolate, they can just pick a different one out of the box, although trust me, there isn’t such a thing as a bad zChocolat.

With 26 delicious varieties available you will find all zChocolat variations in the zBox Assortments. All are to be savoured. Presented after a romantic meal zChocolat’s stunning Valentine’s assortment boxes (featuring both heart-shaped chocolates and traditional chocolates from the Numbered Collection) steal the stage as both a glamorous gift and a decadent dessert.

5. Dark Z Chocolate

If we have to choose the best dark chocolate in the world, it would most probably be the Dark Z Chocolate. It contains a salted caramel with bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and a praline containing hazelnuts from Piedmont, all coated with delicious dark chocolate from Venezuela: It’s absolutely a must for Valentine’s Day!

6. Black zBox for Him

Little chocolate surprises are often associated as gifts which men give to women, but this is not always the case. In Japan for example, women show their love by offering boxes of chocolates. Unlike a bouquet of flowers, receiving such a highly refined gift with precise personalization is suitable for both men and women. Our beautiful black zBox is a perfect gift for both sexes thanks to its neutral tone and classic appearance.

Special packaging, like monogrammed wax seals secured by stylish wrapping paper or even heart-shaped padlocks with custom combinations are the small details that you will get with zChocolat.

zChocolat guarantees delivery by Valentine’s Day to countries around the world courtesy of DHL, and provides tracking numbers and email confirmation for even more peace of mind.

7. William Curley Chocolates

William Curley is a patisserie and chocolatier in Soho and Harrods in London. If you can make it to the shop, you can handpick your loved one something special from the counters in his shop. Named by the Academy of Chocolate as best British chocolatier, he planned the shop as a patisserie, but his chocolate was more popular, so now he focuses on recreating that very special French chocolate shop. Using fine ingredients and delicious fillings he creates couture chocolates and truffles with a Japanese twist. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

8. Chococo

Born in Dorset in 2002, in fact, just around the corner from my home, Chococo crafts fine chocolate gifts by hand. They use a single origin chocolate & local, seasonal ingredients, without any additives, preservatives or artificial colourings. They believe pure fresh chocolates taste better & our customers & food experts agree, as they’ve have won 92 national & international fine food awards to date for our creations.

Described in the FT as a “pioneering British chocolatier” & most recently, awarded Dorset Food & Drink Hero 2019, they also care about our packaging being as plastic-free as possible. Their selection boxes have never had plastic inserts inside to hold the chocolates in place and never will, making them the perfect Valentine’s gift. This eco-friendly design is a reason to buy these for your loved one. Love each other and the planet.

9. Charlotte Flower Chocolates

Charlotte set up her chocolate business in 2007 with the aim of combining wild natural ingredients with the best quality chocolates. Based on the southern shore of Loch Tay, Charlotte forages for seasonal produce to make unusual fillings and infuse the chocolate with. She uses these natural products to hand-craft her delicious chocolates with Scottish flavors such as meadowsweet and Scots pine. Best of all Charlotte Flower Chocolates are so pretty! Many really do have flowers on. They are flowers that don’t die and are just as lovely!

10. Pierre Marcolini Chocolates

Pierre Marcolini Malline Découverte Chocolate Selection is straight from Brussels. This completely delicious chocolate selection comes in a big box with plenty of hearts. They say that it’s one of their Maison’s very finest products, that will take you on a journey of the senses that involves plain, infused or fruity ganaches, smooth caramels, crunchy pralines and – of course – their iconic heart-shaped chocolate “Cœurs”. Perfect for Valentines N’est pas

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