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Best Priority Pass Lounge At London Heathrow Terminal 4


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While London Heathrow Terminal 5 LHR remains my favorite Terminal, some of the best Priority Pass lounges at London Heathrow can be found in Terminal Four.

The Priority Pass lounges at Terminal 4 include:

  • Plaza Premium Terminal 4
  • SkyTeam Lounge Terminal 4
  • Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge Heathrow Terminal 4

Interestingly, Heathrow Terminal 4 is situated to the south of the southern runway, next to the cargo terminal. The flights that operate from Terminal 4 are mainly for long-haul and European destinations, with Air France, Etihad Airlines, and KLM being some of the major airlines flying from this terminal.

Heathrow’s Terminal 4 is home for many SkyTeam member airlines including Aeroflot, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, China Eastern, Garuda Indonesian, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, Saudia, TAROM, Vietnam Airlines, and Xiamen Air, so there’s a dedicated SkyTeam lounge in the terminal for SkyTeam elite members and premium passengers that pass through the terminal. This lounge can also be accessed with your Priority Pass but in our opinion, this is not the best Priority Pass lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 4. Read on to find out which our current favorite is.

1. Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 4

While the SkyTeam lounge, just past security, is a good lounge and easily the most convenient Priority Pass lounge to access, being so close to security, it is worth trekking further into the departures lounge to the quieter Plaza Premium lounge. The Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 4 has better food than the SkyTeam Lounge and it is more peaceful, making it the best Priority Pass lounges at London Heathrow.

The lounge has decent food, a bar, the decor is stylish and there are reclining chairs in a darkened room if you need sleep. While the lounge is definitely nice looking, it doesn’t make it to the top of our list because it lacks any views of the planes and runways. The SkyTeam Lounge Terminal 4 is the better lounge to chose for views. It does have floor to ceiling windows and skylights offering plenty of natural light. It also has sofa seats, well armchairs, by the windows and seats with desks in booths, it is very well laid out. There is also a cafe area where the buffet is located, as well as a bar area.

The buffet here is really good, lots of salads (maybe 7 varieties in total) sandwich wraps, cheeses, 5 hot dishes in 3 heated vats, cans of drink, and a tea and coffee machine. There is also a bar area with alcoholic drinks, spirits, wine, and beer along with a bowl of tacos or crisps with 6 dips including salsa, olives, guacamole, etc. All the food seems nutritious and fresh.

This lounge is very good. It is better and quieter than the SkyTeam lounge reviewed below, but it doesn’t have a spa. Why not pop into the SkyTeam lounge, get your 20-minute treatment for free, then head over to the, arguably better, Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 4, for a more relaxing wait in Heathrow Terminal 4?

2. SkyTeam Lounge Terminal 4

This is SkyTeam’s Business Class airport lounge for a number of SkyTeam airlines. It has good runway views but lacks style and has adequate but not noteworthy food and drinks. You can access this lounge with your Priority Pass.

This SkyTeam lounge is just past security at London Heathrow. It is accessed for free by Skyteam Elite members and those flying in Business or First on SkyTeam member airlines including Aeroflot, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, China Eastern, Garuda Indonesian, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, Saudia, TAROM, Vietnam Airlines, and Xiamen Air.

It has a stylish, jungly look, like something out of the 1970s with lots of bright oranges and colored lighting. Choose a seat along the wall of the main room on the entrance-level floor, for views out to Heathrow’s two runways.

There is loads of seating from armchairs, cafe booths to booths with desks. There is a buffet area upstairs for hot food. The food here is fairly mediocre and not nearly as good as the Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 4 reviewed above.

You can choose from a bowl of pasta or baked beans, potato wedges, and greens. The look is “motorway cafe” food rather than luxurious airport lounge dining! There are plenty of pastries and cakes and crisps (Walkers in packets), but again, nothing of amazing quality even though there is enough to fill you up. Drinks are pretty good with lots of cans, as well as alcoholic options, beer, cider, wine, spirits and coffee, tea, and so forth.

The Clarins Spa here is a highlight and you can have a free 20-minute treatment like a facial, so it is worth picking up a facial here, even if you then head to the Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 4 for the better food and quieter atmosphere.

3. Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge Heathrow Terminal 4

We have not, unfortunately, visited this Priority Pass lounge, so we have placed it in number 4 position on our list.

The image above is of the No 1 Airport Lounge at Gatwick South.

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