Foul Food: Why The American Airlines First Class Hot Dog Upsets Me

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I have pictured above what I expect to be served in First Class. Earlier this year, I highlighted that American treats some of its most wealthy passengers with a chorizo hot dog as their second meal service departing from London Heathrow.

While this is shocking in its own right, being such a low-quality food offering for a high class of passenger, but there is another reason why this upsets me.

If you watch the video below, you will see how the “trimmings” of pigs, chickens, and cows are used to make these sausages. The contents of a hot do is largely gristle, fat and offal. This is ground up into a brown sludge that’s eventually formed into a sausage shape.

While American insists this is a great idea, I find it hard to understand how this dish could ever be considered a luxury meal.

American say: “This (hot dog) has been flying onboard since 2017 and is popular with our First Class customers, consistently receiving high marks. This was designed by one of our former celebrity Chefs, Mark Seargeant, created around the time BubbleDogs in LHR was a craze.”

Given the state of our planet, Airlines and the population, in general, would be wise to consider any meat as a treat rather than a regular food. Meat and dairy companies are on track to be the world’s biggest contributors to climate change, outpacing even the fossil fuel industry, according to this new report.

Airlines already contribute massively to climate change. If passengers were encouraged to eat smaller meat portions or no meat at all, they would be having a small positive impact in what is otherwise a heavily polluting industry.

Vegetarian hot dogs taste just as good, even Lisa Simpson was fooled:

If you’ve flown American in First and have been disappointed, you might be wise to spend your dollars at the other end instead, on a great deal at a luxury hotel.

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