Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For The Luxury Traveler

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If you’re struggling for original Christmas gift ideas, we have some travel skewed “must-have” gifts that will make you feel festive before you pack your cases and head off for some Christmas sunshine or snow.

1. Strathberry Handbags

What girl doesn’t love a handbag? My goodness, a new handbag is pretty much the ultimate Christmas gift for most women, as long as it’s gorgeous. The key is to find a brand that’s expensive enough to guarantee the quality but to also choose a bag that is not so eye-wateringly expensive that it matches the cost of a deposit on a house.

I’ve discovered the perfect handbag brand. You’ll not find a more gorgeous handbag than a Strathberry handbag. The beauty of these handbags is that, although they are expensive (which immediately gives you confidence in their quality), if your favorite Strathberry handbag is just that little bit too costly to spend on for a Christmas present, they do virtually the same handbags in smaller versions, like their micro and nano bags. And the smaller bags are cheaper and just as gorgeous. You can see my latest Strathberry handbag on our Instagram channel.

Strathberry’s have just launched some new special editions too, out just in time for Christmas. The new Strathberry micro bag called the Envelope Pouch is perfect for party season.

This new mini bag, which can be carried as a clutch or crossbody with the attached chain, is very versatile and comes in a pastel selection of lilac, sage, and turquoise; festive, sparkly metallics; and luxurious faux croc in rich and bold petrol, ruby, black, and ivory.

These special editions are priced from £195 GBP, making them a luxurious yet accessible gift idea. Or go for the extravagant present and buy one of their gorgeous larger bags! The perfect present for your loved one (or yourself!).

2. Protest Surf & Ski Clothes

Protest is my favorite surf and ski brand. Their ski gear is durable and looks super cool. Their surf gear is whimsical with pictures of Hawaiian sunsets and palm trees encompassing everything that makes me happy about beaches and, well, surfing.

The quality of all their clothing is incredible. It lasts and lasts. My son is almost exclusively kitted out in their blue and grey t-shirts which bring out his blue eyes, and the necks never stretch out of shape which is an incredible feat for a young teen.

In the winter, our whole family is kitted out in Protest ski gear. Their jackets and ski pants are SO warm! The fit is great.. you never get snow up inside your coat due to the good design, and everyone looks “the business”. Whichever luxury hotel we are skiing from, we always get compliments on our stylish look! Oh, and if you need to pick a luxury ski hotel for your next vacation, we have selected the very best luxury ski hotels in the world!

Honestly, Protest is one of those brands that should be as well known as Ralph Lauren. I think they are one of the best online shop to buy surf and ski wear in the world. Try them, you won’t be disappointed!

3. Heyland & Whittle: Festive Spice

If you want your home to smell like Christmas, you need to try the Heyland & Whittle: Festive Spice and Mulled Wine diffusers, candles, sachets and so forth.

Evoke Christmas cheer with these citrusy, orangy, warm, and spices fragrances that will fill your home with happiness. These fragrances last an age and smell so good, in fact, they are some of the best long-lasting diffusers you can buy! Would it be wrong to want to use them throughout the year?

The candles are particularly good as they are smoke-free so they won’t tarnish your white ceilings. When they’re alight, they mix the smell of Christmas with a faint smell of burning, which really brings your room alive. Somehow just one candle makes the room smell like there is a fire alight in the hearth. Perfect!

4. Ripa Ripa

One of the best luxury swim short brands in the world is Ripa Ripa. Born in Milan, Ripa Ripa is the brainchild of Oliviero and Anna Laura who found it difficult to find what they considered to be stylish swim shorts and they now produce some of the most stylish swim shorts in the world.

The Italians are, of course, known for their style, and these shorts showcase the best in Italian style. We just love the material, the finish, the look, and the patterns on the high-quality fabric and My husband and son swear by these shorts as one of their top pool-side choices when we stay at magnificent luxury hotels.

Neither Anna nor Oliviero knew much about swimwear when they started this brand, but Oliviero had a good idea of how he wanted them to look, so they took a car and drove around Italy’s textile districts looking for someone who could make some swimwear. A few months later, they had boxes with over 500 shorts in them stacked at Anna’s flat in Navigli. All these swim shorts solved the sea-parachute problem.

We love the fact that Ripa Ripa is made in Italy, using small producers, from rope manufacturers to fabric printers. Each offers Italian passion and conviction that is passed on through their products. This means these swim shorts are of exceptional quality and, as mentioned above, don’t balloon in the water as they have a slick, glove-like fit, but are not too tight. They just offer the right amount of support and stiffness in the material to maintain their shape in the water.

We adore their gorgeous Levante Verde swim shorts which are certain to turn heads with their geometric prints and comfortable, flattering fit. Made from soft, brushed fabric that is quick-drying and has a distinctive soft cotton-feel, these shorts feature tying-cord made from braided nautical rope and fine-mesh interlining. They are hand-crafted in Portici, Italy, and showcase the Ripa Ripa Mediterranean chic style and are very reasonably priced at £98.00 GBP.

5. Aruku

Ever found yourself wondering why you’re always juggling multiple bags when one would be so much more practical. Well, I’ve found the perfect solution for any busy, working woman.

Aruku’s beautiful leather backpacks are designed by women, for women and are perfectly organized with a padded laptop pocket and easy access, secure phone pocket, as well as plenty of space and compartments for everything else.

The bags are designed in London and handmade in the same factory as other well-known luxury brands and because they only sell directly through their website, they are also great value at only £279 GBP.

6. zChocolat

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…” and a bowlful of the finest French chocolates! This Yuletide season, zChocolat pays tribute to age-old Christmas traditions. Wrapped with the quintessential symbol of a golden holly branch emerging from a distinctive deep-blue hue of the winter night sky, their ultra-luxurious treats evoke a poignant feeling to sing, “Merry Christmas to one and all!”.

7. Brilliant On the Go Tote (Continental USA Only)

If you’ve ever headed off to the city or airport and felt like a bag Sherpa carrying numerous items in multiple bags, then Be Brilliant Bags is the solution you have been looking for.

Founders Andrea Billups and Marsa Truscott set-out to create a collection of bags that not only look elegant… pretty even… but also offer functionality and comfort, allowing you to neatly and conveniently carry all of the things that you need to get you through your busy day – including the likes of your laptop, smartphone, a change of heels, and maybe even your workout gear. Their bags not only look great but give you a stylish confidence boost too.

8. Acqua di Parma: Everything

Acqua di Parma is one of my favorite fragrance brands. I think it’s because the smells evoke the trips that I enjoy so much every summer. The Blu Mediterraneo brand by Acqua di Parma is a particular favorite of mine and really does remind me of sipping a Limoncello outside the Capri Palace as the sun sets over this magical island. Of course, this brand also offers men’s fragrances (all are fabulous) along with creams and serums.

I also love their stylish gift sets, presented in a gift box beautifully illustrated by the Italian artist Gio Pastori.

9. A Fantastic Hat By My Milliner

My Milliner creates elegant hats using the finest materials and craftsmanship. At their heart My Milliner believe that the most beautiful products always start with excellent raw materials and because of this, they source the best raw fibers, merino wool and 100% genuine leather bands for their hats.

Their designs are clean, tasteful, and minimalist as they feel high-quality components speak louder than a flashy aesthetic. They create classic hats to compliment any outfit, be it for a wedding, a Christmas event or some other celebratory engagement.

For a truly premium finish, they offer monogramming of initials on their bands, making them a very personalized Christmas gift. The bands can also easily be clipped on-and-off for the utmost versatility.

My Milliner also ensures the perfect fit for you, because when it comes to hats, one size does not fit all. Each hat also has a built-in adjustable drawstring, which can be tightened for a perfect fit. The perfect hat!

10. Femme de Force Solid Perfume

Top up your fragrance in seconds with a single swipe of Femme de Force Solid Perfume. It’s a gorgeous perfume that offers a pretty case around a Pritt stick style fragrance stick. It works, it lasts and it smells great. The scent offers a burst of citrus and settled to sensuous florals and spice.

Pop it in your handbag and it won’t dribble everywhere or be a problem when traveling through security at airports, making it the perfect travel fragrance. Whether you need a speedy refresh in between work and dinner or want to travel light on your next adventure, this small-but-mighty gel stick is up for the challenge.

11. Bonus Gift From: Crabtree Raw

Wherever you are in the world, stay grounded with the Raw Instinct Portable Diffuser. Whether you’re working late at the office, on holiday, or refreshing your favorite tote bag, this palm-sized diffuser offers a sense of balance.

Featuring notes of citrus-fresh pomelo, floral apple blossom, and spicy papyrus, add a few drops of our Raw Instinct Concentrated Oil and freshen up your surroundings and your spirit. I use it in my favorite handbag and it smells brand new. Fabulous invention and a must-have for any female traveler.

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