How You Can Still Win This Black Friday Weekend


Has your credit card been worn out? Are you already stocked up for Christmas (I am, see what I bought in my Christmas gift guide). Well, it’s not too late.

There are numerous incredible sales still on, right through Cyber Monday if you want what is being sold.

My best bargains so far are discounted makeup and toiletries, a discounted Nintendo Switch from ASDA (I got the last one at our local store on Thursday for my son), and some nights at InterContinental London the O2 in their Cyber Sale. Most of the Black Friday room rate deals have, howeverm been poor, with not much more off than you would usually get in an advance purchase booking.

In the UK HeadForPoints outlines a number of good deals here. Over the pond in the US, there are also some good deals but nothing mindblowing IMHO.

So where does that leave us? What is the winning strategy?

Buy what you need that has been discounted and not what you want but don’t need right now. There’s always the January sales to look forward to. Try not to buy on credit or you may end up paying more for your travels or other purchases than you saved in the discount.

Then again, you want what you want. Be it a Cybertruck (do we like this?) or a much-needed trip away, sometimes it’s worth blowing the budget.

Our best bargains can be found in our travel auction. We still think that this beats the bargains in any other travel sale, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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