Why Is American The First Airline To Fly Out Of New York?


American is the first airline to fly out of New York LaGuardia in the morning, with flights scheduled to push back before 6:00 am, even though they can’t actually take to the air before the 6:00 am, according to a leader in travel, View From The Wing.

He says “As far as I can tell only American schedules LaGuardia departures before 6:00 am. While it’s desirable to get out ahead of other airlines to be first in the departure queue at the crowded airport, those flights push back and… wait. It’s unclear to me the benefit of pushing back more than 5 and 10 minutes early.”

American apparently has two flights scheduled to depart before the 6:00 am curfew:

  • AA1597 is scheduled to depart New York LaGuardia at 5:30 am for Dallas
  • AA4645 is scheduled to depart New York LaGuardia at 5:45 am to Columbus

While he questions the benefits of push back first, American Airlines spokesperson Justin Franco says:

“We set these departure times for mainly two reasons. The first one is to ensure that once the curfew expires we are at the top of the queue for runway departure. The second is to help the flow into and out of the alley for the gates – it’s already tightly shared space. If all aircraft were set to push back at the same time, it wouldn’t work out very well.”

I would argue that American has a prime spot with these push backs before 6:00 am. Surely we all want to be on the first flight? If you’re up at this time, you want to get going and you want to be at the front of the queue for the runway, right?

In fact, I would argue that these early push backs are a good reason to choose to fly American Airlines.

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