The Star Alliance Airline You Won’t Want To Fly


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One Star Alliance Airline suffered terrible headlines last year. Filth in the planes and lounges and rude staff have made this airline the worst Star Alliance carrier.

Here are 3 reasons why you probably won’t want to book onto this airline:

1. Crashes

In October 2018 an Air India Boeing 737 hit an airport wall while taking off from Trichy Airport with 130 passengers and six crew members on board. The Boeing 737-800 taxied to the runway safely and took off after the crash.

About four hours after departing, the crew made the decision to make an emergency landing in Mumbai because they had discovered that the aircraft had clipped a wall as it was taking off. Yes, it took them 4 hours to realize that they had crashed into a wall!

According to a statement from Air India, airport officials observed that the aircraft “might have come in contact with the airport perimeter wall. It was decided to divert the aircraft to Mumbai as a precautionary measure”.

2. Cockroaches & Rude Staff

This page on TripAdvisor confirms just how bad Air India is!

One reviewer wrote: “One of my worst flights ever. A COCKROACH was running around the seat just in front of my face. Unbelievable. Also, the entertainment system didn’t work. Will try to avoid Air India ever again.”

Further down the page, another reviewer highlights rude staff with no one answering any of the service calls. There is simply no excuse for this.

3. The Lounge Cockroach Too

And all this after a cockroach was found in the food at Air India VIP Lounge this time last year…

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