Stop Fights On Airlines With This Crazy Invention!


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The in-flight armrest argument has been documented by many bloggers. Who should get which armrest on a 3-across seat?

Common courtesy says the middle passenger should get both the armrests, but as we all know, life doesn’t work like this.

What do you do if you have the middle seat and both the passenger to your left and your right use the armrest to each side of you? You are left in a claustrophobic center-seat conundrum. Can you kick up and demand an armrest? Do you have to put up and shut up? No, you whip out one of these beauties!

Soarigami will enable you to turn a single armrest into a double one. Soarigami folds flat so is easy to carry with you and is a cheap way to solve those arguments once and for all!

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